Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Rainbow Boys - The Movie!

Wanna be like flowers, flowers of your style. No matter what will happen, it’s your heart’s desire. There’s nothing strange that you’re on your way. There’s nothing wrong with what your heart will say. You’re hurting no one, I know its’ okay.


cybrbeast said...

Also know as "Rung tua thii paet khawng khwaam rak" in Thai.

Tagline: A coming-of-age story that changes lives.

OMG, next thing we know and we're gonna get sued for copyright infringement..

cybrbeast said...

Movie sounds kinda gay btw :)

a pimp named slick said...


Did anyone see the trailer?

cybrbeast said...

Yep, like I said, kinda gay

ExpendableAsset said...

These guys are SEXEH motherfuckers!


*swings his undies around like a lasso*

wiki said...

OMG guys
this guys are realy eye candy