Tuesday, July 01, 2008

my first houses are sold out

today is a big day in my career :),
One of my first projects what i designed from the start as a student working under an architect, are sold out! after 2 weeks of being on the marked (what is pretty nice for houses in fucking groningen). The houses are not my style but they needed to fit in the rest of the neighberhood


Annom said...

Wow! Super cool! Congratulations :)

You designed it from the start? What does that mean?

I'm not even close to designing something that will make it to the real world. Must feel good :)

pimp-a-lot bear said...


Now I'm curious what really your style is.

cybrbeast said...

Did you have any part in the visual aspects of the design or did you only help in realizing the design for construction?

Kamielkaze said...

well my design can't shoot or go with rocked speed so its not that special. I wil post something about whats my favorite style is soon.