Friday, March 18, 2011

Rainbowboys profesion stats on Ngram viewer

NGRAM viewer let you see how often phrases have occurred in the world's books over the years. Google Books has scanned over 10% of all books ever published, and now you can grap the occurrence of phrases up to five words in length from 1400 through the present day right in your browser.
An example of this tools, our proffesions in one grap:
here some intresting grap:
Hydrology vs geology think the peeks in geology are the goldrushes. To bad for the hydrology that it only goes to 2000 and the global warming hype isn't in there yet.
Another intresting graph is the anal sex and the porno graph:


annom said...

Interesting service. Too bad the last 11 years are not in there.

annom said...

Ah, it does go to 2008 if you set it.

Here is nuclear power, peaks just after the Three Mile Island accident and then steadily declines.