Tuesday, April 03, 2007

architecture 3: Rem Koolhaas

It took me some while but here is my 3th architect: Rem Koolhaas.
a fast introduction:

RK born November 17, 1994 in Rotterdam, he was of a son of scriptwriter and started with a study scriptwriting, he finish script writing and after writing some years of writing scripts( with Jan de Bont and others from the 1,2,3 dutch film organization). he decided to do an architecture study, and of course he passed (nerd, at least i got sex, etc).

when finished universe he started an office in 1975, it started as an paper office, lot of studies but nothing that has bin build. He writhed a lot of books in that time that gave him a famous name, but still it took till 1980 before his first building was built: the kunsthal in Rotterdam. after that the ball started to roll.

is on of the famous quotes from Koolhaas.
my teacher explained it as: you only can created anything unique if you forget the context.
I don't believe in that, i think its possible to created a building thats unique and that get relations with the context. And that its a big plus to created an building thats in harmony with the context, and still creating an unique situation.

Anyway i believe that Koolhaas isn't fucking the context, and that my teacher misunderstood ed it. this is my theory: in his architecture you don't see a relation to the context, but you see what the context is missing like "inverse commensurate"(omgekeerd evenredig). this way the building is completing the context.

anyway enough bullshit here are some pics:

uithof utrecht 1997: the university of utrecht. in this part of utrecht there where a lot of big, austere, and constructive buildings. this building is smaller, got more organic forms and is more freely (you can even skateboard inside)then the rest of the buildings. Now days there are a lot more "happy'er" buildings in the uithof

Casada musica, 2001 porto portugal, in this old city, with a lot of old and stodgy architecture, this music theater really fucks the context anally. like a big space ship is landed to attack the dull people of porto to infect them with some culture.


ExpendableAsset said...

Looks like you buttfucked YOUR context once again. To be honest, "RK" looks like a child molester to me. There, I said it!

cybrbeast said...

I don'y really like his work all that much. But still, good post.

annom said...

The Casada musica really is a huge anal probe in an old grumpy portugees man.

That building in the uithof is better, but I'm not convinced by RK.

Good post anyway! Keep them coming!