Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The B-Society

A recent article in Denmark has brought a lot of exposure to the so called B-Society movement. The B-Society is a movement that strives to liberate people from the normal early morning start. They argue that we don't live in an agricultural society anymore so we don't have to get up when the day breaks. They want to give people the choice to wake up later and go to bed later simply because a lot of people don't do well in the morning. Science has recently found out that some people are more prone to being night-owl for purely biological reasons. There are advantages to having a B-society next to an A-Society (early morning society), like less traffic congestion because people go to work at different times and more productive employees because they work at peak efficiency. It will also demand some rigorous changes in society though, because schools and work must adjust to people arriving at different times. I really support this movement and hope a similar initiative comes to the Netherlands. We night-owls shouldn't be at the mercy of the early birds. I would really like a working day from 10 to 7. Read more on their website. I do think they should have chosen a better name than B-Society because now it sounds second rate.


annom said...

Very good initiative! Has my full support!

War on the early birds!

pimp-a-lot bear said...

It does sound second rate.
Why don't we name it:

"Death to the early birds!"?

Douchebag said...

I'm in

cybrbeast said...

It would seem we are mostly B-type on this blog. But I figured that already.