Friday, March 07, 2008

Graphs of parabolic flights

Here are three graphs of the on-board measurements during the two parabolic flights:
The load factor is the number of g's.


cybrbeast said...

Wow 2.75g, did that feel nice?

Annom said...

Yes! I want more g!!!

A 60deg pitch angle(noseup-nosedown angle)) felt and looked also very nice, "almost" going up like a rocket :). Stall sound was buzzing through the whole plane.

The max a commercial aircraft does(not can) is around 15deg. It is a shame that airliners fly so calmly to not scare passengers (and extend lifetime of aircraft and increase safety).

I would love to fly to a destination and get some very cool manoeuvres as a bonus. It would make a mess with all the food :)

Here is a video of a 707 making a full 360 roll, almost 60years ago so bad video quality. Too bad they don't do that with a 747.

Annom said...


cybrbeast said...

Wow, I wanna see that again. Why don't they roll 707's at flight shows anymore?