Sunday, May 11, 2008

AHN: Actual Height model of the Netherlands

The AHN (Actueel Hoogtebestand Nederland) is the most detailed height map of the Netherlands. It has a sampling density of at least 1 point ever 4x4m, the previous most detailed map of the Netherlands had a density of one point every 100x100m. The AHN-2 which is currently being worked on has a density of up to 10 points every square meter in urban areas. The Netherlands is unique among the world for having the whole country mapped this way. It was made using airborne laser altimetry.
Even though it was commissioned by the government it's not for free, but you can still find some nice images at their website.


annom said...

Amazing! That is one cool map!

I want a contour line at 0m and an USB stick with the data.

Kamiel said...

that are some cool pictures