Friday, November 27, 2015

Stichting Full Reserve - DepositoBank

"Het nemen van risico zou een keuze moeten zijn. Wie geld giraal -dus op een bankrekening- wil aanhouden, kon tot nu toe niet kiezen voor een bank die geen risico neemt door het verstrekken van leningen. Straks wel."

Stichting Full Reserve probeert een bank op te richting zonder winstoogmerk en zonder geldschepping. Daarvoor zijn 16000 oprichters (leden) nodig. 

Het lijkt me mooi als een dergelijke bank er komt. Vreemd dat we die mogelijkheid nu niet hebben.

Monday, November 23, 2015

The fietsersbond is, in my experience, a very active and effective organisation that campaigns for better cycling conditions in the Netherlands.

They have a webapp,, where you can report any issue related to cycle lanes and cycling infrastructure. Anything from glass or dirt on the road, to dangerous situations. Reports are usually (automatically) forwarded to local authorities. I have good experience with actions taken after filing a report.

The fietsersbond has only 35,000 members (compared to 4,100,000 for the ANWB).
Please consider joining the bond, Membership starts at 26 euro per year.

Monday, November 16, 2015

We're on the cusp of a revolution that will change the world as much as computers did

Most people do not yet understand the potential impact of our newfound ability to edit and eventually rewrite genetic code, the blueprint for life itself.
At least, so say a number a number of experts in genetics and genomics. That idea was the major common thread in a series of interviews with some of the leading researchers in the field.
Full article... 
Please read the article so you are not 'most people'. I also truly believe this will be big. This is the technology that allows a gene drive that could exterminate a mosquito species for example.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Podcast: startup

I follow he podcast Startup a while, see link
This is a podcast about someone who wants to start podcast company. You follow his startup from the start and see where he bumps into. The podcast has high production value and gives in my opinion also a fairly accurate picture of what it is to start a startup.
Tip 1: Listen to the podcasts chronologically.

Tip 2: Season two is not as great as season one, but the mini season 3 starts very well.

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Lost at sea: the man who vanished for 14 months

I think this is the world record.

In November 2012, Salvador Alvarenga went fishing off the coast of Mexico. Two days later, a storm hit and he made a desperate SOS. It was the last anyone heard from him – for 438 days. This is his story

Full story @ The Guardian.

Rare weather event causes stunning ‘fire rainbow cloud’ to appear

Pretty spectacular example of cloud iridescence.

Article and video

Nice ones I found on Flickr: (FFS you need a Yahoo account to download pics there nowadays)

Heliumbeer, best thing since sliced bread.