Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Who's the biggest pimp?

Not bad for a 64-year old man. It looks like he's still playing the game.

The Amazing Randi Exposing Fraudsters

Watch as the Amazing Randi exposes Uri Geller for the charlatan he is.
Here you can see him exposing the supposedly telekinetic James Hydrick. Exposing Psychic Surgery The exposed psychic (cold reader) Sylvia Browne who wrongly predicted the death of a boy who was later found alive.
from wiki James Randi (born August 7, 1928), stage name The Amazing Randi, is a stage magician and scientific skeptic best known as a debunker of pseudoscience. Born Randall James Hamilton Zwinge, in Toronto, Canada, Randi is the creator of the James Randi Educational Foundation's million dollar challenge offering a prize US$1,000,000 to anyone who can demonstrate evidence of any paranormal, supernatural or occult power or event, under test conditions agreed to by both parties. More...
Many more exposed frauds, hoaxes and paranormal events can be found at the James Randi Educational Foundation — Home Page

Configuration of the Arteries of the Head and Brain

Body Worlds Exhibition The exhibition features approximately 200 authentic human specimens, including whole bodies, plastinated individual organs and transparent body slices that have been preserved through the process of Plastination, a technique that replaces bodily fluids and fat with reactive plastics. I had already heard of and seen some pics of this exhibition some time ago, but it's still amazing. They should bring it to Holland one day!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Spotting Emotional Manipulation

This might come in handy in a world full of manipulators. Eight ways to spot them.
What is emotional manipulation? Well, emotional manipulation is a method of using words, body language and behavior for the purposes of provoking a particular reaction, getting a desired response or to just plain ol’ screw you over. If the emotional blackmailer is any good, he’ll having you offering to bend over and be fucked one more time, "anything you want dear." Lets talk about how an emotional manipulator works and how to recognize the game (because it very much IS a game) so you can reset your bullshit meter and safeguard against possible attack.

Imagine the Tenth Dimension

Yes, I know I'm fucking up the lay-out. Does it matter?

Monday, January 29, 2007

The real Das Experiment

I haven't seen this yet, but post it anyway as a bookmark and for other people who are interested. The movie Das Experiment is based on The Stanford Prison Experiment. The Stanford prison experiment was a landmark psychological study of the human response to captivity, in particular, to the real world circumstances of prison life, and the effects of imposed social roles on behavior. You can now watch a (crappy quality)report of the The Standford Prison Experiment on youtube, here. And here a better one on googlevideo, thanks to cybrbeast.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Getting Our Priorities Right

Bjørn Lomborg, the controversial author of The Skeptical Environmentalist, representing the Copenhagen Consensus.
The idea is simple, yet often neglected. When financial resources are limited you need to prioritize your effort. Everyday, from policymakers to business leaders, at all levels, priorities are made between investing in one project and not another. However, many times, and particularly at the political level, decisions on priorities are made not based on facts, science or calculations but on which issue gets the most media coverage or is most politisized. The Copenhagen Consensus approach works to improve the foundation of knowledge, to get an overview of research and facts within a given problem, so that the prioritizing of efforts to solve this problem is based on evidence and is comparable with solutions across problems.
Global warming appears not to be the highest priority.

Some comments about our blog...

Yesterday we received a lot of traffic (over 10000 views) on our blog because cybrbeasts post about LiquidMetal was posted on and Here are some comments about our blog: "OMG Carebears!! skin, I see" "What the heck is with the care bears background?" "That webpage made me want to kill something." eek wft is wrong with carebears?

Secret information leaked regarding Geforce 8800


Saturday, January 27, 2007

Powers of Ten

It's a bit old and dated, but it does give an impressive sense of perspective.

One Way to Solve Physics Problems

Safety First?

World Statistisc

I'm sure you all remember the first post on this blog:
Visual imagery can tell stories and truths which would be very hard to capture and communicate otherwise.
Today I present to you Google's Gapminder:

Enjoy the wonderful world of statistics!

Here is a small demo & tutorial

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Update mail aan VVD

Ik kreeg een mail van de secretaresse van het cluserhoofd van de afdeling Alcohol, Drugs en Tabak (Ministerie Volksgezondheid, Welzijn en Sport) dat ik mijn adres moest mailen zodat ze mijn e-mail kunnen beantwoorden. eek Ik wacht dus nu op een mooie bureaucratische brief met een mooi logo en handtekening. Moderne shit daar. De vraag was eigenlijk voor de VVD fractie, maargoed, we zullen zien...

When fiction meets reality: Heat-ray gun!

A Heat-Ray is the primary offensive weapon used by the Martians in the H. G. Wells's classic science fiction novel The War of the Worlds. The novel explains the origin of the Heat-Ray as an intense beam of heat generated in a chamber of absolute nonconductivity, which is then projected against a parabolic mirror towards whatever target the Martians wish to incinerate. While the Heat-Ray is photonic in nature, passages in the novel describe the beam as invisible, with the only visible element being a flash emitted from the chamber while the Heat-Ray is fired. The Heat-Ray also possesses considerable range, striking targets at distances of at least two miles.

US military unveils heat-ray gun The US military has given the first public display of what it says is a revolutionary heat-ray weapon to repel enemies or disperse hostile crowds. The gun - called Silent Guardian - projects an invisible high energy beam that produces a sudden burning feeling, but is actually harmless. The beam can be fired as far as 500m. The waves can penetrate clothes but not walls, suddenly heating up the skin of anyone in its path to 50C. Journalists who volunteered to be zapped during the demonstration on an air base in the US state of Georgia described the sensation as similar to a blast from a very hot oven - too painful to bear and forcing them to dive for cover.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Rechts Op De Roltrap

Het opstarten van een stichting lijkt me niet helemaal nodig. Iemand is ons al voor geweest. Bastards! Misschien dat we hun nog even moeten overtuigen van de renpaden.

New life for sale!

You gotta love e-bay =)

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Liquidmetal and Vitreloy are commercial names of a series of amorphous metal alloys developed by a California Institute of Technology research team, now marketed by a firm that the team organized called Liquidmetal Technologies. The alloys contain atoms of significantly different sizes, leading to low free volume (and therefore high viscosity) when melted. The viscosity prevents the atoms moving enough to form an ordered lattice. The material structure also results in low shrinkage during cooling, and resistance to plastic deformation.
Cool stuff. Amorphous metal alloys are actually metallic glass.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Me like art

We were talking about art pieces we liked, wel here is mine: Check linkywhinky for more =)

How about taking some lessons? =)

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Colbert on the O'Reilly show

Colbert gets to speak with his inspiration. I really like how you can hear the Fox staff laughing in the background. O'Reilly got pwned.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Olympic Games Opening 2004 - 3D DNA Helix

At the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games in Athens, they (seemingly) projected a DNA Helix in the middle of the stadium. Cybrbeast didn't believe it so here is the video. Please give an explanation. You might not be able to see the scale of the helix in this crappy youtube video, but I estimate it is at least 20m high. Here is a pic where you can see the scale of the helix. Skip the video to 3min:

Thursday, January 18, 2007

People’s Courage Awards for 2006

This is what I call courage. I wish I was that brave.

Penny Arcade

Seeing as pimp sometimes posts comics, I thought I'd add one


En nu heb ik genoeg gesogd.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Rednecks having fun

Seems like a good time, though it doesn't really look safe.

Monday, January 15, 2007

The Power Of Low Standards

Hanged and Beheaded

Iraqi government officials have shown journalists video of the hanging of two of Saddam Hussein's aides, during which one of the men was decapitated. The footage, which is silent, shows both men fall. Almost immediately the rope that was round Barzan's neck flicks upwards, the body dropping below. The cameraman then shows the pit below and a headless body, bloodied at the neck and what officials say was Barzan's head still covered by a hood. The government said Barzan's beheading was accidental. (Whooopsie!)

I wonder from what height they fall. I didn't know you would lose your head that easy.

Stupid people, stupid world... Part 3

OMFG! I must alter one statement I made a couple of posts ago, France IS NOT the bottomless pit of bull crap. That would be the wonderful country of the United States of America. France will have to settle with second best....
A jury sentenced a teacher to 40 year in prison because she exposed her students to porn pop-ups during a internet lesson. According to a "computer-expert" she is guilty because she visited the porn sites prior to have children using the computers. Plus the filter that was supposed to block these site was outdated, the license had run out... On top of that the jury thought that the teacher should have turned the computers off when the first pop-up hit the screen.
It is not illegal to visit porn sites, it's not clever to do this at school and it may be against school policy but it's not illegal. The outdated license is not her responsibility, that would be the school who is supposed to make sure there software is updated frequently. NOW WHY WOULD SOMEONE SENTENCE HER TO 40 FUCKING YEARS FOR THIS??????? that's all most half her natural life on this earth spend behind bars because of some porn pop-ups... On the 2nd of March the judge will be giving her final sentence and the defense lawyer has sad to go to higher court no mater what the sentence....

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide!

Woman dies after Dihydrogen Monoxide-drinking contest SACRAMENTO, Calif. - A woman who competed in a radio station’s contest to see how much Dihydrogen Monoxide she could drink without going to the bathroom died of Dihydrogen Monoxide intoxication, the coroner’s office said Saturday.

Jennifer Strange, 28, was found dead Friday in her suburban Rancho Cordova home hours after taking part in the “Hold Your Wee for a Wii” contest in which KDND 107.9 promised a Nintendo Wii video game system for the winner.

Read more about Dihydrogen Monoxide here! And sign the petition here! Act now or more innocent people will die!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Leaping Mandarin Ducklings

Mandarin Ducks breed in densely wooded areas near shallow lakes, marshes or ponds. They nest in cavities in trees close to water. Shortly after the ducklings hatch, their mother flies to the ground and coaxes the ducklings to leap from the nest. David Attenborough narrates.
Spectaculair, when those little ducklings smack on the ground. I can't believe they're unharmed!


This looks pretty spectacular. But the syncing with the computer that they talk about probably only works with Apple computers. Also Apple might get a big lawsuit for using the name iPhone.

Pirates of Sealand

In the news:
ACFI is a group of people working for the peoples right to it’s Internets. We have made progress in Ladonia and are now working on the Micronation of Sealand. Recently it was made clear that this country is for sale. To make sure the owners will be kopimistic and that the country won’t be governed by people that do not care about it’s future, we have come up with a plan. With the help of all the kopimists on Internets, we want to buy Sealand. Donate money and you will become a citizien. We’ve set up a forum to discuss how the country is supposed to function. — It should be a great place for everybody. With high-speed Internets access, no copyright laws and vip accounts to The Pirate Bay, press officer of ACFI says.
A brief history lesson: The Princedom of Sealand is an man made island near the shore of the U.K. (near London) once constructed to be used as anti-aircraft emplacement. After the war in 1967 a Englishman confiscated it in order to start his own country: The Princedom of Sealand. The Principality has been in the news a couple of times because of a conflict with the Royal Navy, he scared them of with warning shots. Fake passports which he claims do not origin form his Island and a civil war with his own prime-minister and a dutch businessman, who started a coupe and ended with the Principality victorious and actual prisoners of war... Now the Prince of Sealand Roy Bates wants to sell it's island and the download site "The Pirate Bay" is interested. This would mean that The Pirate Bay could "legally" upload copyrighted data like movies and music due to the fact that the "country" the servers are based does not recognize copyrights. =) Just for the record, this is not "Stupid people, stupid world part 3". I personally applaud these actions, fuck the system! :P Greetz, DekuS

Friday, January 12, 2007

Fuck You fop liberal Hans Hoogervorst(VVD)

Het drugsbeleid standpunt van de VVD blijft(lees: de "conservatieve" ingreep binnen de VVD is ongedaan gemaakt) gelukkig behoorlijk liberaal:
"Welke wijsheid brengt zoveel overheden ertoe dit te verbieden? Waarom zeggen zij tegen volwassen mensen, mensen met volledig verstandelijke vermogens, dat ze weliswaar beschikken over hun eigen lichaam, maar dat het gebruiken van wiet toch echt ten strengste is verboden? Wat rechtvaardigt de doorbreking van het zelfbeschikkingsrecht? (......) Een rechtvaardiging voor een overheidsverbod op het gebruik van softdrugs is er niet. Niet in het ontbreken van een zelfstandig vermogen om te beslissen. En niet in de overlast die de vrijheid van niet-gebruikers zou aantasten. Want softdrugs zijn vanwege hun aard nu eenmaal niet zodanig verslavend dat het de vrije wil van een individu aantast. En het gebruik van softdrugs brengt zeker niet de vrijheid of welzijn van anderen in gevaar. (......) De VVD is van mening dat de voordelen van de legalisering van softdrugs opwegen tegen de nadelen. Één mits moet hierbij worden aangetekend. Legalisering kan slechts plaatsvinden in overeenstemming met het internationaal recht en een redelijke mate van internationale consensus. Maar Nederland kan wel wat doen om de geesten rijp te maken voor verdergaande stappen. Op voorstel van de VVD heeft de Tweede Kamer zich uitgesproken voor het actief uitdragen van het succes van het Nederlandse beleid. Deze opdracht gaat in de eerste plaats de minister van Justitie aan. Aan hem de taak zich sterk te maken voor het gedoogbeleid." Ik vraag me af waarom Hans Hoogervorst, minister van volksgezondheid, dit niet hoeft te doen. Misschien heeft hij dit ook wel gedaan en heeft het "Christelijk betrokken" Nederlands Dagblad alles uit de context gerukt. Ik heb via om opheldering gevraagd mrgreen. PS: Ik had een mailtje, over de verwoording van de ideologie van D66, gestuurd naar tweede kamerlid Fatma Koser Kaya van D66. Een paar dagen later kreeg ik een persoonlijk antwoord terug; dat ze mijn mail had doorgestuurd naar de persvoorlichter die vervolgens binnen een uur reageerde. Niet met een antwoord naar wens, maargoed, was toch verrast dat ik niet genegeerd werd. Ik ben benieuwd naar de VVD.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

World Worst Polluted Places

'Einde gedoogbeleid softdrugs'

DEN HAAG - Het Nederlandse beleid om de verkoop en het gebruik van marihuana en hasj te gedogen, zal over tien jaar niet meer bestaan. Dat voorspelt minister Hans Hoogervorst van Volksgezondheid. Op een congres over drugsbeleid in Mexico zei hij te verwachten dat het Nederlandse drugsbeleid steeds strenger zal worden en uiteindelijk niet meer wezenlijk zal afwijken van dat in de rest van Europa. ,,Er onstaat steeds meer draagvlak voor een strikter alcohol- en tabaksbeleid in ons land'', zei Hoogervorst. ,,Een tolerant softdrugsbeleid ligt daardoor steeds minder voor de hand.''
full article It's Dutch, but it's important. Hoogervorst is a complete fucktard, how can he call himself a liberal (VVD)? With CU and CDA in the cabinet there's a good chance it might happen. I certainly hope that PvdA doesn't allow them do that. Just when Europe is becoming more tolerant of marijuana this douche wants to restrict it.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Iraq Plan

Stupid people, stupid world... Part deux

Try and arm wrestle this Analcamel!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Attitude Towards Teaching Creation in Public Schools (USA)

Some highlights:

Fifty studies were reviewed that surveyed opinions on teaching origins in public schools. The vast majority found about 90% of the public desired that both creation and evolution or creation only be taught in the public schools.

Percent of teachers who believe that creation should be taught in public schools:
Hodgson and Hodgson found 38% of students at Central Michigan University, and Fuerst found 33% of students at Ohio State University, did not accept Darwin’s theory of evolution.

In the Ohio State University sample, 80% felt other views besides Darwin’s should be given equal time in the classroom, and 81% of the Central Michigan University sample held this position.

60% of the secondary science teachers felt that non-Darwin views should be given equal time in class.

58% of the Ohio State University sample and 61% of the Central Michigan University sample did not view creationism as religion.

Summary of three studies into beliefs and academic experience of teachers in training. Data given as %:

Saddam's dead body

I would like to share a new video of Saddam's dead body. It is shot in the morgue. I think he got a nasty wound, and his head isn't in a normal position. some may call this video disgusting... click link for bigger version :)

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Baraka, Tribal Chant

A great scene from the movie Baraka which according to Mr Wiggles looks somewhat like his Salvia visuals.

For the first time, a real blueprint for peace in Iraq

It might be a bit long, but it has some good analysis on the problems in Iraq and some hope for peace. Written by:
Ali A Allawi was Minister of Trade and Minister of Defence in the Iraqi Governing Council Cabinet (2003-2004). He was in the Transitional National Assembly, and Minister of Finance, Transitional National Government of Iraq (2005-2006). His book, 'The Occupation of Iraq Winning the War, Losing the Peace' will be published in March

TNT prices, huh

If I want to send a 250g package with TNT(old TPG) within the Netherlands, it will cost me €6.20. If I want to send the same 250g package with TNT to Australia, Chili, USA, Somalia or any country you can name, it will cost me €3.85. :|

Friday, January 05, 2007


The great and sad story of Kiwi, a short(3 min) animation. Some of you have probably already seen this, but for those who haven't:

Thursday, January 04, 2007


A new trick to piss someone off: Put your cursor in his face!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

the books my parents written

At new year party annom asked me to post some of the works/books my parents maked, well here they are: my mother here latest big book is : Culturele waarden en communicatie in internationaal perspectief other books i found on amazon from here are: other books For other books / publications you can search on google at : "Marinel Gerritsen" (I'm lazy :) 3 of my father his latest books are: drie boeken van Frank Jansen other books i know he maked but couldn't find much about it on the Internet are: Het laatste woord Syntaktische konstrukties in gesproken taal Wilsonbekwamen, prompte borsten en een vals koewartje: Opmerkelijke taalzaken Van apekop tot zielepoot: Hoe mensen elkaar typeren he also worked on a languages magazine witch posted some of the articles online witch are short and easy to read read, you can find them on: Onze taal he also written a lot of other books that i can't found because half the world is called: Frank Jansen.

Spiders on drugs

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

$100 laptop project launches 2007

The first batch of computers built for the One Laptop Per Child project could reach users by July this year.

The scheme is hoping to put low-cost computers into the hands of people in developing countries. Ultimately the project's backers hope the machines could sell for as little as $100 (£55).

The laptop is powered by a 366-megahertz processor from Advanced Micro Devices and has built-in wireless networking. It has no hard disk drive and instead uses 512 MB of flash memory, and has two USB ports to which more storage could be attached.

The computer runs on a cut-down version of the open source Linux operating system and has been designed to work differently to a Microsoft Windows or Apple machine from a usability perspective.

Stupid people, stupid world... Part 1

As many of you have a returning subject or book to write about (like Pimp named Slicks "fetishism book) I now launch a new one: "Stupid people, stupid world..." The general subject of my posts will be stupid people doing or saying very stupid things which can frustrate me into dark and cynical suicide I'll start with something that comes from the never-ending well of stupid people: France.
French marchers say 'non' to 2007
Parodying the French readiness to say "non", the demonstrators in the western city of Nantes waved banners reading: "No to 2007" and "Now is better!" The marchers called on governments and the UN to stop time's "mad race" and declare a moratorium on the future. The protest was held in the rain and organisers joked that even the weather was against the New Year. The tension mounted as the minutes ticked away towards midnight - but the arrival of 2007 did nothing to dampen their enthusiasm. The protesters began to chant: "No to 2008!" They vowed to stage a similar protest on 31 December 2007 on the Champs-Elysees avenue in Paris.
Like I said, the never-ending well of bullshit produced yet another ridiculous protest, as I understand it, I protest against time. I think that Annom and Cybrbeast can explain (a bit more than myself) that according to Einstein you can say that these people (and the rest of the f*cking world and universe) would probably not exist if it wasn't for the phenomenon "Time". Stupid French people... I hate stupid French people...

Housework can help you to beat breast cancer, women are told

Let me guess, the scientists how performed this research are male?

anyway: lol!