Thursday, September 30, 2010

"Vrijheid en verantwoordelijkheid" - deel 1: Drugs

• Coffeeshops worden besloten clubs die alleen voor meerderjarige inwoners van Nederland toegankelijk zijn op vertoon van een clubpas.
• Er komt een afstand van tenminste 350 meter tussen scholen en coffeeshops.
• De minister verscherpt het landelijk beleid en ziet erop toe dat gemeenten het afstandscriterium en de overige relevante delen van het landelijk beleid in hun vergunningen handhaven.
• Het kabinet komt met voorstellen zwaardere straffen te stellen op de (voorbereiding van) in- en uitvoer, teelt en (georganiseerde) handel van drugs en tot aanpassing van het onderscheid tussen harddrugs en softdrugs.

Civilization song

I'm quite addicted to Civilization V at the moment :)

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Rainbow Cocktail Shots!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Clarkson Island

How to make a man-salad

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Never say no to Panda

Commercials of the Egyptian cheese producer 'Panda'.

First human powered flapping wing aircraft

Also known as an Ornithopter.

Drowning does not look like drowning

While we're on the topic of saving lives I thought I'd post this too:

The Instinctive Drowning Response – so named by Francesco A. Pia, Ph.D., is what people do to avoid actual or perceived suffocation in the water. And it does not look like most people expect. There is very little splashing, no waving, and no yelling or calls for help of any kind. To get an idea of just how quiet and undramatic from the surface drowning can be, consider this: It is the number two cause of accidental death in children, age 15 and under (just behind vehicle accidents) – of the approximately 750 children who will drown next year, about 375 of them will do so within 25 yards of a parent or other adult. In ten percent of those drownings, the adult will actually watch them do it, having no idea it is happening (source: CDC). Drowning does not look like drowning – Dr. Pia, in an article in the Coast Guard’s On Scene Magazine, described the instinctive drowning response like this:

  1. Except in rare circumstances, drowning people are physiologically unable to call out for help. The respiratory system was designed for breathing. Speech is the secondary or overlaid function. Breathing must be fulfilled, before speech occurs.
  2. Drowning people’s mouths alternately sink below and reappear above the surface of the water. The mouths of drowning people are not above the surface of the water long enough for them to exhale, inhale, and call out for help. When the drowning people’s mouths are above the surface, they exhale and inhale quickly as their mouths start to sink below the surface of the water.
  3. Drowning people cannot wave for help. Nature instinctively forces them to extend their arms laterally and press down on the water’s surface. Pressing down on the surface of the water, permits drowning people to leverage their bodies so they can lift their mouths out of the water to breathe.
  4. Throughout the Instinctive Drowning Response, drowning people cannot voluntarily control their arm movements. Physiologically, drowning people who are struggling on the surface of the water cannot stop drowning and perform voluntary movements such as waving for help, moving toward a rescuer, or reaching out for a piece of rescue equipment.
  5. From beginning to end of the Instinctive Drowning Response people’s bodies remain upright in the water, with no evidence of a supporting kick. Unless rescued by a trained lifeguard, these drowning people can only struggle on the surface of the water from 20 to 60 seconds before submersion occurs.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Watch this video, it might save someone's life

Tequila Suicide

We should do this sometime!
Note: Sweden has some serious issues man...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Utrecht Buurtmonitor

Kanaleneiland heeft 78% allochtonen, de schaal stopt te vroeg.

Epic Laziness

Segregation Map US Cities

Red is White, Blue is Black, Green is Asian, and Orange is Hispanic, and each dot is 25 people. Data from Census 2000.

New York
San Fransisco, Oakland, Berkeley

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Hippos own crocs

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ant Bug

"This phenomenon is a side effect of the self-organizing structure of ant colonies. Each ant follows the ant in front of it, and this will work until something goes wrong and an ant mill forms. The ants will eventually die of exhaustion."

Monday, September 13, 2010

Morpheus meets The Dude

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Watermelon slingshot fail


Friday, September 10, 2010

Jellyfish in an aquarium

Why don't we have any real good aquaria in the Netherlands.

Three Huggers in the second world war.

How Adolf Hitler used to save the environment.
So that all the petrol and materials could be used to destroy nazies.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Cruise ship in hurricane

Cruise ships battling the waves were featured previously on the blog. Here is some footage of another event.

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I've always done it right

At least according to this (old) article.

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History of the Soviet Union arranged to the melody of tetris

Loved this song. I didn't realize anyone could ever use the tetris-song for anything good.

Rainbow Rose

"In 2004, two dutch companies, River Flowers and F.J. Zandbergen, experimented and successfully grew a rose that had its petals rainbow colored. As petals get their nourishment through stem, the idea is to split the stem into several channels and dip each one in a different colored water. This way all the colors will be drawn by the stem into petals and resultant rose will have all the colors in it."