Thursday, August 31, 2006

invasion of the bodysnatchers

Create weird faces

Combine two faces and get some strange results.

Panda gets scared

Watched it 3 times, it's briliant

Forgot to turn off mic

CNN's Kyra Phillips Forgets to Turn Off Mic

Wednesday, August 30, 2006



The new WZZRD game

Do your best, I control the highscores :)

armor of god

kwam deze link ergens tegen en kon er wel om lachen.
Dacht eerst dat het een internet grap was maar volgens mij is deze shit wel serieus. Wel een leuk verjaardagskado

Bezopen Hongaren?

Weird, this embedded video only works after you have loaded the original. That's why I didn't know it wasn't working.

The Religion Book, Chapter 1: FLDS

The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS) Adherents: 10,000 (rough estimate) Where: Utah and Texas (USA) Doctrines:
The FLDS church teaches polygyny, a type of polygamy that allows marriage of more than one woman to a man (it does not permit polyandry). In the Church's teachings on the plurality of wives, women are required to be subordinate to their husbands as a general requirement for the highest eternal salvation of men, Godhood. It is generally believed in the church that a man should have three wives to fulfill this requirement. The church currently practices "The Law of Placing" under which all marriages are assigned by the prophet of the church. Under the Law of Placing, the prophet elects to give or take wives to or from men according to their worthiness. The FLDS Church also commonly prevents its members from owning property, instead being entirely held by the church itself. Within their doctrine, the Church views this as a form of the "Law of Consecration" or "United Order". Origin: Christianity -> Latter Day Saints (Mormons) -> FLDS News: FLDS sect leader arrested today!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Last year a friend of mine upgraded GirlFriend1.0 to Wife1.0 and found that it's a memory hog leaving very little system resources for other applications. He is only now noticing that Wife1.0 also is spawning Child-Processes which are further consuming valuable resources. No mention of this particular phenomena was included in the product brochure or the documentation, though other users have informed him that this is to be expected due to the nature of the application...
text continues here

Rainbow Boys - The Movie!

Wanna be like flowers, flowers of your style. No matter what will happen, it’s your heart’s desire. There’s nothing strange that you’re on your way. There’s nothing wrong with what your heart will say. You’re hurting no one, I know its’ okay.

Babylon - Definition @ a Click

I really like this system-tray program. You can bind a mouse action and/or key (like Ctrl + Middle Mouse Button) and click on any word on you screen (browser, word, in pictures etc) to get a translation or definition from a huge list of dictionairies(wiki, english-dutch, etc, which you can download from their website) in a pop-up window. It also has an auto-correct feature. Never have to use copy/paste and google for spelling and translation again! ;) Spelling check to satisfy the spelling-nazis is easy. Download the 30day trail from their website and a crack and regkey here from if you like it.

we've got bears

We hebben nu beertjes naast (amount)comments staan. Deze beertjes corresponderen met de blousjes die we aanhadden naar bleens. Het is bart en mij nog niet gelukt om de plaatjes aan de rechterkant naast de comments te zetten zonder dat de ruimte links van de beertjes leeg is. Als iemand anders een goed idee heeft om dat op te lossen then feel free to do so.

Monday, August 28, 2006

the final photo

the final picture! hope he aint to easy. gl

Eat this Mr. Wiggles

We all know the wonderful drum talent and sense of rhythem of Mr. Wiggles. But this most definitely pwns the shit out of Wiggles.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Random Stats 3.

Mean hours of television watched by each person per week: Maps vs. Google Earth in Utrecht Earth:

When cloning goes wrong

Some good samaritan threw together a compilation of one of Worth1000's competitions. If you ever wondered what a Koalafant, Kangalion or a Frocodile would look like, you should definately take a look at it.

Fat Britney

Look! Britney got fat! Oh, no, she's just pregnant. Still, I don't want to see Britney like that. Disgusting... I've always preferred Christina anyway, and as an added bonus she can actually sing.

Lots of free music?

This site seems to have a lot of music and allows you to listen to it online for free. Pretty neat, huh?

Saturday, August 26, 2006


Tired of all those fight's with your girlfriend? Sick of her whining? Maybe this will help.

The Fetishism Book, Chapter 5: Acrotomophilia

During an episode of CSI: New York I stumbled across what I believed to be an excellent submission for A Pimp Named Slick's Book of Fetishism: Acrotomophilia. "Amputee "devotees" (a term they use for themeselves) get a powerful erotic charge from seeing or touching the paraphernalia associated with people who are missing limbs, i.e. crutches and prostheses, or from seeing and touching the stump of the amputated body part. As with most fetishes, this fascination starts very early in childhood and can remain with the person their entire life. How the fetish may manifest itself, or how the person may choose to act on their fantasies depends on the person. Some may merely fantasize about an amputee lover, others may have their non-amputee lovers pretend to be amputees, some may imagine themselves as amputees. Many devotees become involved with real amputees and have long-term relationships that are quite satisfactory to both partners. Devotees can be very particular about which types of amputation interest them, i.e. "BK" -- below the knee or "AK" -- above the knee. Some prefer arm amputations, others hand amputations... the possibilities are endless. Some are primarily interested in feeling the stump and may have strong aesthetic preferences for the the appearances of smooth or rumpled skin at the stump. Others may not wish to see or fondle the stump itself, and prefer them to be wrapped in lingerie (much as many so-called "normal" folk find lingerie-clad models more erotic than nude ones.) [...] [...] Some devotees enjoy imagining themselves as amputees. In this case they're known as "wannabes" and may wear braces or bind their limbs up behind them to effect the transformation. These devices then become a part of erotic play while alone or with a partner. In a few highly publicized but rare cases, wannabes may attempt to perform self-surgery or try to convince a doctor to remove the offending limb. A doctor in the UK was recently arrested for performing such a surgery at the request of a patient." Thanks for having me! I hope you enjoyed my guest appearance.

Friday, August 25, 2006

nieuw carebear design

hoe vinden jullie hem? ik sta open voor meer (debiele) suggesties

Thursday, August 24, 2006

photo 4a and 4b

got 2 pictures now the first one is easy, the seccond one is very hard almost impossible. you get 2 points if you know 4b. 4a de lekkere simple punten drukken foto extreem hard alleen mannen met echt ballen weten deze foto

photo 3!

gl naabs

Lekkere reep!

hoeveel van deze chocoladerepen zouden er rondzwerven in Nederland?

OMG! It's definitive proof of god

Tremble ye atheists

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

photo 2

this is an easy one gl do Here is an other one frome dubai. this is picture of palm island made in google earth. realy like how it looks you probley don't notice shit about this look when you are there but it looks great from the sky. didn't know how to post a picture in a comment so i edited the post

google earth quiz!

couldn't sleep tonight so maked a quiz where you can use google earth. i post a google earth picture and the one that post the correct answer the fastes gets a point. i will post 5 pictures in total and the one who got the most points in the end will win a special suprise. This will the most funny online game you have ever played. PS. je hoeft er niet aan mee te doen zolang je er maar wel open voor staat this is photo 1

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Weird World of Google Earth

Some interesting stuff has been found via Google Earth
A military 900x700m scale model of a 450x350km Chinese/Indian border area in China.
Swastika building in America
Another Swastika water feature in Belgium
High quality shanty towns in the middle of nowhere
A Lancaster bomber in England Finally, giant profanity in England edit: Nice addition
There's more out there, but this post is too long as it is.

Homemade joke...

We hadden het gister over het ontstaan van moppen en of je zelf weleens een mop bedacht hebt. Hier is mijn inzending voor een zelfbedachte mop/raadsel. Het is een 100% eigen creatie en ronduit GEWELDIG!(hij moet in het nederlands): Waarom is een koe wit met zwart gevlekt? Zodat een paard hem niet slaat! *Ik hoop dat jullie slim genoeg zijn om de logica in deze uitmuntende mop/raadsel te vinden.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Mind of Mencia: Ranting at Fat People

This guys rants like there is no tomorrow, check out this short clip where he tells whining fat people what's what. More footage of Carlos Mencia.

The Fetishism Book, Chapter 4: Robot Fetishism

Robot fetishism is the name popularly used to describe a fetishistic attraction to humanoid or non-humanoid robots; also to people acting like robots or people dressed in robot costumes. A related fetish is statuephilia or agalmatophilia, which involves attraction to mannequins or statues. A common fantasy related to these fetishes involves transformation into a robot, mannequin, doll or statue. A.S.F.R. By its enthusiasts, robot fetishism is morze commonly referred to by the initials ASFR. This acronym stems from the now defunct newsgroup Many devotees of this fetish refer to themselves as technosexual, or as "ASFRians".

The aspects of this fetish that are most appreciated by members of the ASFR community are greatly varied. For some, things like robotic appearance, motion, or sound are most desired. For others, these are not, and a completely life-like android that appears to be human is desired. This holds true for other aspects, such as sentience or self-awareness. Often, the ability of the android to remove parts of its skin or other bodily appendages in order to reveal its circuitry are quite pleasing to some, but distasteful to others. There is a further divide between those who prefer an android to appear human-like and those who would prefer a more mechanical looking robot, i.e. made of metal.

Here is a little video clip, where you can see an ASFRian talking about his fetish

More pictures, and a community board.

Teen guilty of assault after penis stunt

A Waterloo teenager was sentenced to 60 days in custody yesterday after admitting in a Guelph court he tried to hit two other boys at a youth treatment centre in the face with his penis.

It's a manoeuvre known around the facility as "a helicopter."

The common name for this procedure is a mushroom stamp.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Strange Statues Around the World

As the title says, really strange statues. And really awesome :)
I've seen this one in real life (Oxford)
Many more statues are to be found on the linked page.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Annoms Jumps

This picture was taken when I was still young and adventurous like Kuifje. I made a jump from snow at the end of a slope and used my langlaufskies as wings, this is the result: This is 6 years later with a solid board under my feet:

Rainbow Boys, In Stores Now!

Welcome Mr. Wiggles!

I just stumbled upon a miracle in my mailbox: "Your blog invitation to Mr. Wiggles has been accepted!"
Mr Wiggles, click here for a complete overview of all posts.

The Fetishism Book, Chapter 3: Inflation Fetish

Inflation fetishism, also known as expansion fetishism, is the sexual attraction to the expansion of certain body parts, usually the breasts, buttocks and belly,sometimes to the extent that the subject becomes completely sphericalexcept for her head, hands and feet. Such expansion, in practice or infiction, may be caused by the body parts filling with air, water, blueberry juice, food, or essentially any fluid.

Since the nature of inflation fetishism is hard to accomplish in reality, most fetishists enjoy this unusual fetish on a purely imaginary level, resorting to morphed photographs, drawings, and stories to fulfill their desire.

Most inflationists enjoy the process of inflation at least asmuch as (or sometimes to a greater extent than) the end result of aninflated (almost always female) person.

Interested? check out for more information.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Talking heads

Cool stuff, too bad about the ads. Press play to start, then you see an ad, after that press play again. I figured out how to disable autostart in WMP (autostart="0")

Stephen Colbert roasts the president

It's bit old and you might have seen it, but it's classic. Stephen Colbert pwns Bush in person.

cats that look like hitler

site name says it all

Thursday, August 17, 2006

bush: me is many smart

Acceptance of Evolution

New world record fireworks

55000 pieces of fireworks in 5 seconds... me like! ^^

Game Guru or Game Virgin?

How much do you really know? It's time to seperate the boys from the men with The Ultimate Game Quiz. It features questions that go well back in time and a variety of screenshots, bringing back memories of the good ol' days. Head over there and see what you're made of! I managed to score a stunning *cough* 78% . Time to meet your maker!

World Oil Reserves

Oil depletion scenarios: - Oil price history:

Rebels wanted

I'm making a poster of rebels, like 4 pics in a row or something. Now I only got two: the unknown rebel and Indian Larry. So who's got a good pic of a good rebel? Plz let me know... Greetz, the DekuS The Unknown Rebel Indian Larry

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Firefox has landed

Interesting crop circle :)

List of unusual personal names

A great list with names like Tarquin Fin-tim-lin-bin-whin-bim-lim-bus-stop-F'tang-F'tang-Olé-Biscuitbarrel or Dick Assman :D

Monday, August 14, 2006

GTA inspired commercial

Coca-Cola has done a fun twist on GTA.

Netherlands 'does most for poor'

The Netherlands is the rich nation which does the most to improve lives in developing countries, a Center for Global Development (CGD) report says.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Firefox Add-ons: TimeTracker

Do you spend too much time on Firefox? Do you open tabs faster than you can close them? Cannot get things done? Keep track of how much you browse with TimeTracker. edit: aaargh. It seems to reset itself every day.

ultimate orgy

Teh funny

let's try to avoid poles

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Mmmm... placenta

In the spirit of "waste not, want not", why not eat the placenta? Looks yummie.

Googleholic - 6651 searches/year

I used google 6651 times last year. That's 18 times a day. Googleholic: Excessive use of the Google search engine.Addicted to Google;a person who uses Google to excess habitually. A Googleholic is one that uses more than one of Google's tools frequently and would have a negetive experence if one could not use Google.

Friday, August 11, 2006

The Next Shakira

The half-way point of the videoclip is classic

The Fetishism Book, Chapter 2: Sneeze Fetish


The sneeze fetish for most sneeze fetishists begins from a very early fascination with sneezing, both presented in media such as cartoon, books, and comics, and real-life. The reasons for this fascination are difficult to explain for the fetishist; however, some reasons for the fetishist's attraction to sneezing are conjectured to be in the vulnerability of the person sneezing, or the parallel to the sexual orgasm.


Some fetishists particularly find attraction in the vulnerability aspect of the sneeze. They enjoy that the person lost control, as sneezing is something that is beyond people's control, and is something that everyone does, regardless of strength, power, or status. Many people like seeing those who are otherwise well-composed and in control sneeze because in sneezing that person has lost control. There are a lot of sneeze fetishists that enjoy the nurturing side of the sneeze, in that they get to take care of someone if they are sick or have a cold.

Parallel to the sexual orgasm

One reason that the sneeze is attractive to a person may be its parallels to sexual orgasms. The period of expectation, the expulsion and the after-effect is a comparison to the cycle of that of an orgasm. Both fetishists and non-fetishists report an enjoyable feeling gained after a particularly good sneeze. The loudest sneeze ever recorded was by Bill Page, of South Australia.


Sneeze fetishists all have individual likes and dislikes in sneeze characteristics. Characteristics that define how a fetishist will or will not like a sneeze depends on:

  • Sex: male or female sneezes. Anyone may enjoy sneezes of any sex. A fetishist who enjoys sneezes of the same sex is not necessarily homosexual.
  • Volume: soft, medium or loud
  • Vocals: little, medium or big amount of vocalisation
  • Wetness: dry, average or wet
  • Target: into hands; into tissue or handkerchief; uncovered
  • Stifled or Unstifled
  • Real or fake (e.g. from cartoon characters, TV shows, and movies)
  • Induced or casual: this usually makes little or no difference to a fetishist
  • Buildups: the amount and loudness of buildups. Buildups are generally a commonly enjoyed characteristic.
  • Repetition: most fetishists enjoy repetitious sneezes, or sneezing fits
  • Allergic or cold: Some fetishists enjoy cold sneezes because of the feeling of nurture over the helpless victim; others are repelled by the germ factor.
  • Talking whilst sneezing: this is a characteristic enjoyed by some sneezing fetishists due to the feeling of lack or control emanated from the sneezer.
  • Sneezing while hiding
Check out this site if you're getting a bit excited over this. And for the rest of you: Realise what you've done after sneezing in public.

Google Trends

Google Trends shows you where the most searches come from of a particular word. Like the word "sex": Great fun :)

britney: me is smart

let me (The Dude) add an image:

Asian fever vs. Afro

When a gun is put to your head and you have to choose: Asian girls or afro girls. What whould you choose? Here is a little help:

Animal Liberation Front cuteness

Look what I found on the ALF website besides their usual crazyness. A list of pictures of very cute animal interactions.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Keeping America Scared

I just read the news and read the words of a great man who likes to scare us with insignificant dangers, George W Bush: "The American people need to know we live in a dangerous world, but our government will do everything we can to protect our people from those dangers," Here is an old video of a republican convention. Most of you have already seen it, but for those who haven't:

Bouncing Balls, by Bruce Nauman

I just found another interesting high-speed video clip.

WTC conspiracy.. not again!?

In this video, besides from screaming people, you can clearly see molten metal flowing from the outside of the WTC tower just prior to collapse. The burning jet fuel and office materials which are thought to have reached a maximum of 650 °C can melt aluminumm, but that doesn't glow, so it must be iron or steel . So there must be a hotter source. 650 °C is enough to weaken steel by about 50%, but the design of the building more than allowed for this. Also pools of molten metal were found in the rubble that were molten and hot for many days after the collapse. This gives credence to the theory that thermite or more likely thermate was used to bring the buildings down. Thermite and thermate are mixtures that when ignited burn at temperatures of up to 2500°C and can easily melt through steel. Sulpher was found on a few salvaged bits of WTC steel, the rest was shipped of to be recycled. Thermate contains sulpher and was hot enough to fuse it with the steel. An in-depth paper, which describes the point in much more detail, on the collapse, by Steven E. Jones a professor of physics at Brigham Young University who conducts research in nuclear fusion and solar energy, and 9/11 researcher. And some more on the thermite hypothesis. Now there just needs to be a way for a group of people to carry something like two thousand kilograms of explosives and thermate into the buildings and it could be done. That's 10 trips with 10 people, each carrying 20kg. 'Maintenace' workers could have done this in the weeks before 9/11 I don't know, these last couple of years I've really been swayed between believing nothing besides nasty hijackers happened, or hijackers plus knowledge of the government, or hijackers and knowledge and cooperation by the government which would be totally horrendous. Whatever be the case, I think much more research should be put into this. Also in this long (2 hour) video presentation by Steven E. Jones he also goes into (@1:08:50 time) Bin Laden saying that he did not do it. And that in the tape where Bin Laden says he has done it, the man saying it clearly is a doppelganger. As blog readers don't want to read into the paper I just wanted to add something that looks like visible evidence. Click the picture for full size. See the diagonally 'cut' beam in the background? That clearly looks like it has been cut and not teared. Also you can see dark colored stuff on it, which looks like solidified molten metal. This lends support to the thermite theory.