Saturday, September 30, 2006

Make Bush deliver a speech you want hear

On the site you can select and combine words/sentences to make Bush give a certain speech. Enjoy!

Friday, September 29, 2006

Olbermann on the Clinton Interview

Great analysis on the Clinton interview and current American politics. More commentary by Olbermann edit: here is the Clinton Interview btw

Beijing secretly fires lasers to disable US satellites

China has secretly fired powerful laser weapons designed to disable American spy satellites by "blinding" their sensitive surveillance devices, it was reported yesterday. (.........) According to senior American officials: "China not only has the capability, but has exercised it." American satellites like the giant Keyhole craft have come under attack "several times" in recent years. Although the Chinese tests do not aim to destroy American satellites, the laser attacks could make them useless over Chinese territory.

I think this is a relative easy way to block spy satellites. I would say that all western countries, Japan, Iran, Pakistan, Korea, Inda and many other countries can develop this device on their own. If you have the technology, it's easy and cheap to mass implement the concept. I don't see a solution to make a satellite that can "see" when a laser is pointed on its censors. Super small and secret satellites are a solution. They precisely have to know the orbit of the satellites to hit it with a laser. High earth orbit satellites with strange orbits have to be hard to detect if the pentagon doesn't send you the orbit info. I'm hoping for a new space race!

This why you should turn your cellphone off

" mind if I borrow your glasses? "

Who is your daddy and what does he do?

this is why threesomes with 2 guys suck.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Science Abuse: the Joe Cell

Let's take a look into the wonderful world of "new age science". This new perpetuum mobile fuel cell is gaining popularity on the internet. It claims to be able to power a car with cosmic energy (Orgone), cause Anti-Gravity, and create healing water. Scientific models of nature are based on mathematics. Most people don't understand the mathematics, so physicists explain their theories/models in words in populair scientific books and magazines. The true power, and what makes it science, of these models is their ability to explain and predict reality. It is hard to tell if a theory, explained in words, is actually in the domain of science. There needs to be an objective prediction(from a mathematical model) and experiment. "New Age Science" has no underlying logical mathematical model, but is only the word explanation of a "theory". They use terms from real science to make it sound cool, real and scientific. This is what the movie "What the bleep do we know?", the Joe Cell, and many other new age science believes do. There are no predictions, no experiments, no mathematical basis and no definitions. There only are amazing poetic sentences that people like to hear and fall for. It's a good marketing strategy that makes me laugh and cry at the same time.
The Joe Cell Although simple in design, it is an incredible device that is able to tap free energy from the universe that can be used to run a car. Many experimenters and researchers around the world have replicated the Joe Cell and made claims about these cosmic water cells and their anomalies that can not be explained within our current scientific framework and understanding of physics. A few snippets from the Theory: the universe consists of a vibrating sea of energy, the ether that is all around us. Daniel Winter’s implosion physics describes matter as a self sustaining arrangement of imploding vortexes in the ether. the universe is basically a matrix of electromagnetic waves imploding into what we call matter. The matrix itself consists of interwoven Platonic Solids geometries. When waves are nested within waves from long to short wave lengths, everything gets interconnected, galaxies, planets, molecules, atoms and subatomic particles. The matrix exists of spiralling electromagnetic energy waves that interfere non-destructively into a zero or still point within the atom. Tapping the zero point energy from the universe is tapping the energy from the matrix of energy that makes up our physical reality! It’s tapping the energy from gravity itself! This is the secret of the Great Pyramid in Giza that is actually half an octahedron and is able to resonate with the torsion fields of the Earth.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Billy jean a capella

they seem like ivy-league kids, but appearently they're not

digital camera with 160 mega pixel

You spend a hell of a money on it, walk around like an extreem japanees but you can make some nice pictures with it.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I just found another IP trace site, only this one uses google maps.
Pretty amazing.

Basshunter - Vi Sitter I Ventrilo Och Spelar DotA

His new album is called LOL and his new single is about Ventrilo and DotA: He is promoting nerds :)

Monday, September 25, 2006

How to spot a pedophile - test

Ever see a guy at work or school who sends off creepy vibes, and you say to yourself "man, I know that guy rapes children"? Some mental health doctors claim that there's no way to tell a pedophile apart from anyone else just by looks alone. Wrong.
Here is the well-known pedophile-test.

This site also has some (interesting?) views about african americans and a guide for 'how to kill yourself like a man'.

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materazzi's dead man's chest

Finally here it is. the first post of my life. It's about my hero Materazzi in a new Nike commercial enjoy

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging

The Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging or AWB, was a political group in South Africa under the leadership of Terre'Blanche. They were committed to the restoration of an independent Afrikaner republic or "Boerestaat" within South Africa, and wished to drive all English-speakers into the sea . In their heyday they received much publicity both in South Africa and abroad as an extremist white supremacist group. Terre'Blanche (what a perfect name for a white supremacist) is a semi-dutch speaking Hitler-like white supremacist in South Africa. I saw a documentary about him and about the apartheid in South-Africa. It's a must to see for people who like "these kind of things" and it's a nimportant part of apartheid history.

The new elmo toy

guess what tommy is gonna get for his birthday! edit: Klant met de dood bedreigd voor populaire Sesamstraatpop

Have a look around Mars

It shows an unnamed impact crater located on Vastitas Borealis, a broad plain that covers much of Mars's far northern latitudes, at approximately 70.5° North and 103° East.

The crater is 35 kilometres wide and has a maximum depth of approximately 2 kilometres beneath the crater rim. The circular patch of bright material located at the centre of the crater is residual water ice.

The colours are very close to natural, but the vertical relief is exaggerated three times. The view is looking east.
A lot of high quality pictures from ESA's Mars Express. Super high bandwidth site, and it needs to be because the images are 3-5MB in size. There's also some info that goes with each picture.

Friday, September 22, 2006

some guys does over 50 Impersonations

some impersonations are good, some impersonations suck.

Make your own Google Map

You can customize Google Maps for your own purpose. You can get a free API code here and add overlays with some basic java skills. I played with it for a bit and made this Utrecht Coffeeshop Guide(not completed). This is the most popular Amsterdam Coffeeshop Guide and it could more than use this feature. Nice way to show the address of you business on your site or make whatever you want. Someone needs to make an interface to replace the hard coding.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Matt damon doesn't have a problem with releasing his emotions

Matt damon is kinda angry with some guy named kimmel. Luk mom, I maid een post in engels!!11!!

Top Gear's Richard Hammond seriously hurt in crash

The 36-year-old presenter was taken by air ambulance to Leeds General Infirmary's neurological unit.

A spokesman for the hospital said Mr Hammond was "stable".

Mr Hammond had been driving a dragster-style car capable of reaching 300mph at the former RAF airfield in Elvington, near York. click link for more
Hope he recovers quickly and returns to Top Gear. The show must go on. Also hope that they air the crash footage.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

a hamburger walks in the bar and ask the barkeeper: : "Can i have a beer" and the barkeeper says: "sorry we don't serve food"

word quiz part 3

here are the new words, this one is a little bit abstracter and probley easyer. face, prisma, hand, the leter H, a whine glass, the letter T you can do it! points so far: annom 4 cyber 2 ExpendableAsset -100 :P

RC Dogfight?

The problem with dogfighting is that you need controllers and planes that use different or coded frequencies. Pimps plane always uses the same frequency so it's not possible to dogfight with two of these planes. The Turbo Fury RC Plane is the latest edition in the family of pimps plane: There are three different colours of the Fury and every colour uses a different frequency. You can thus dogfight with max three Furies. Too bad it's still 40 euro... The RC-Gun Combat Module is a cool dogfight addition, but I think you need a larger plane if you want to add that much weight.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Above the Influence!

Check out the new hip ads of above the influence! Do you live above the influence? For those of you who aren't familiar with anit-drug sites, I also present
pinkcheesegreenghost (9/16/2006 5:02:51 PM) i have never tried drugs but my friend smoked marijuana and died. dont smoke weed becouse marijuana doese kill. my other friend smokes weed and he almost died and he spent 30 days in a prisin hospitle.

Military forces in Thailand have apparently taken control of the capital in a coup

Thai PM 'overthrown in army coup'
A faction of the Thai military led by the army chief says it has overthrown Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. Soldiers have entered the prime minister's offices in Government House and tanks have surrounded the building.

How easy can this happen in the western world?

Monday, September 18, 2006

Americans For Purity

Winning The War On Masturbation
This site is dedicated to exposing the REAL Number One Public Health Problem in America today: Masturbation. If you have come here looking for Jokes or Humor about Masturbation, then you have come to the wrong place! But if you have come to be Educated on the Straight Facts about the EVILS of Masturbation, then Welcome!
Please also make sure you read the feedbackpage, so you'll get an idea about how serious this is.


here they are the new words, this time it are games hope you do better now. warcraft 2, quake, grant theft auto vice city, red alert 2, call of duty, half life.

een ware kindervriend

Een vent houdt zijn kind op een Michael Jackson-achtige wijze uit het raam omdat hij, jawel, een kratje bier wil.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

I call shotgun

"I call shotgun" buiten hun normale context gebruikt: *cntrl + f op shotgun

Tomato: Fruit or vegetable?

The U.S. Supreme Court settled this controversy in 1893, declaring that the tomato is a vegetable, using the popular definition which classifies vegetable by use, that they are generally served with dinner and not dessert. The case is known as Nix v. Hedden (149 U.S. 304). While the Tomato can be classified as a fruit, it is officially categorized as a definite vegetable in the United States.

The USDA also considers the tomato a vegetable.

The term "vegetable" has no botanical meaning and is purely a culinary term.

Friday, September 15, 2006

the new quiz!

first of all gratz on david he wtfbbq you all. This new quiz will not be about forum camping do. you need more brain for this one :) i tell you around 6 words and 1 word doesn't belong there you guys mail me the word that don't belong there. ofc you need to say in that mail aswell why that word don't belong there in youre opinion. everybody who mails me an answer with a correct word and a good opinion why that word don't belong there gets 1 point. the one that wisper me the right word and the same opinion as me why it don't belong there gets 2 points. (this require extra skills because you need to get in my brain aswell). so gl guys. ohh yeah bevore i forget this are the first words. flutes, harps, horns, trumpets, gitars, cellos goodluck we start again with an easy one. ps you can use google or what ever program you want

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Dell is good for ...

As an addition to Dekus' last post, I bring you this infomercial: btw, check my Google Earth post, I've found out the reason for the blur

Photo 5 (last eye photo)

got nothing to say except for gl and i hope you guys don't keep disapointing me.

Lifetime warranty

On the sword or the arm?
Fake Swords - video powered by Metacafe

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Blurred spot above Oorsprong park, Utrecht

EDIT: Yaay, I've found out. It appears that the mayor's house is on the Emmalaan. Here is a Google Earth file that shows the reason for all the blurs. The weird blurred spot that Google Earth shows above the Oorsprong park is weird enough for RTL4 to feature in their program (see link). They still don't know what it is though.

eyes number 4!

this time its a girl! kinda bad quality but you guys are pro's! this last photo that is comming up is going to be damm hard! so i hope this photo get youre brains warm and it was.... carice van houten! She is a dutch actress and played in a lot of differend movies and tv programs and she was latly a lot in the news with the new movie: zwartboek. and i'm in love with here. chopchop guys for the next picture

Ice cream test

Do you wanna know what kind of personality you have? Perform this Ice cream test, and you will know it! (btw it's complete bullshit...)

Flash pwnage

It's the 10th anniversary (thnx to ExpendableAsset and ZnZ for spelling anniversary for me) of Macromedia Flash today, and in order to celebrate they made a little thingy. Now I don't know much (read: nothing) about flash, but this look pretty awesome to me... note: it may take some time to load

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Religion Book, Chapter 2: Jehovah's Witnesses

Adherents: 6.6 million (actively involved) Line chart of Jehovah's Witness membership 1945-2005. Where: Earth (everywhere) Doctrines: Jehovah's Witnesses believe Jesus is "God's Son". They interpret the Bible to mean Jesus was created first and he was then used by Jehovah to create everything else. Jehovah's Witnesses reject the Trinity doctrine, as well as the notion that Jesus is Jehovah. They believe that Jesus Christ has been ruling as king since 1914, and that after that time a short period of cleansing has begun taking place. They further believe that from 1919, Jehovah's Witnesses were selected by God to be his people. Forbidden things, causing disfellowshipping: Abortion, adultery, apostasy, associating with one who is disfellowshipped or disassociated, bestiality, blood transfusions, drug (ab)use (non-medical), drunkenness, extortion, fornication, fraud, gambling, heresy, homosexual activity, idolatry, incest, interfaith activity, loose conduct[9], manslaughter, murder, perverted sex relations[10], polygamy, sexual abuse, spiritism, theft, and use of tobacco. In case of a disfellowshipping an announcement is made at the Kingdom Hall that "[name] is no longer one of Jehovah's Witnesses." Jehovah's Witnesses practice shunning (ignoring) after disfellowshipping. Origin: Jehovah's Witnesses are members of an international religion who believe they are the restoration of first-century Christianity. News: Police track money from Berka case to Jehovah's Witnesses.

Inspiration for the Fetishism book

In order to revive the Fetishism book I found some inspiration, a list of nice and disturbing fetishes. Check them out here, pick one, and start writhing and googleing (in particular pics ;) ) Like: Odaxelagnia —Bite me. No, really, bite me! Chremastistophilia —This person gets off on the idea of being robbed. Say chremastistophilian three times fast, I dare you.

Monday, September 11, 2006

GigaPixel Photo impossible with normal computer

Cybrbeast asked for a GigaPixel Photo so I tried if it would be possible to create one. I went to the vleutenseweg to make photos for a 200MP attempt. I shot 80 photos and the result, after a hour of AutoStitch rendering, was a 200MP scratch image that cropped to 112MP.
Cropping a 200MP image was still possible, but my comptah didn't like it. I needed PaintShopPro to clonetool some gaps, but PSP refused to save the image so I had to lower to resolution to be able to save the edited image. The result is a 52MP panorama test image, the original is twice this size:
Panorama Rotonde Vleutenseweg 30000 x 1740, 52MegaPixel (original 112MP) - 11MB
Here are the other panoramas I stiched today:
Icici, Croatia - 40MegaPixel
Library - University Utrecht 55MegaPixel (many errors due to too much parallax)
Hotelview Hurghada, Egypt 13MegaPixel Beerschoten, Utrecht 18MegaPixel
Here is a 2.5 GigaPixel Photo made by TNO in Delft. It is the largest digital image ever made according to wikipedia (I would say Google Earth beats the shit out of TNO).

steve irwin shit on ebay

ebay got spammed with steve irwin shit.. lol iedereen probeert een zak centje mee te pakken uit de dood van steve irwin :) zo zijn mensen nou ook wel weer. Tip voor als je nog een zakcentje wil verdienen koop een paar kaki outfits eventjes door de modder rollen en daarna op ebay zetten.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

eye photo 3

Okay here is the 3th photo in the eye quiz!! gl finding who it is. the score so far david 3 stef 3 rens 3 bart 2 freek 1 close call

US interventions 1801-2004

It's a bit old and I may have shown it to some of you already. But it's a 'great' read of American imperialism.

de lach van een moeder

Saturday, September 09, 2006

AutoStitch: 4MP -> 22MP and wide-angle lens

After using AutoStitch for the Barcelona panorama, I was amazed by it's algorithm and tried to test how good it is. I made 14 pics and let the AutoStitch algorithm do its thing. I used panorama mode for constant exposure time etc. No need to select the order of the pictures or anything else. The result is a 22 MegaPixel image of a very large surface; similar to the effect of an expensive wide-angle lens and a high mega-pixel camera. This is of course not as good, but not bad at all for a simple 4MP camera with a normal lens. It takes a some time and a lot of CPU and RAM and it's only possible with static sceneries, but worth the shot if you are on top of a mountain, in Park Guell, in front of the Grand Canyon or face to face with the Kamikaze in Waterworld.
Station-Zuilen test image - 7100 x 3100 (2.9MB)
The only clear errors are in the van on the left and the streetlight at the right. And this actually are 14 photos. The extra mega pixels are great if you want to make a poster and the wide angel effect is great for large overview/panorama photos. The difference with a normal panorama is that this is a 2D panorama; you can move your focus in the x and y direction.

Jesus Camp

Check out this movie-trailer. Sick Christian bastards. Religious extremists, and a whole motherfucking shitload of them.
"Jesus Camp" revolves around a pentecostal minister who hosts a summer camp for children in North Dakota, and the sectarian Christian conservative families who send their children to this camp. Directors Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady wisely chose to avoid the polemical tone of most politically-motivated films, and instead opt to present a mostly unfiltered glimpse of this odd subculture. But through carefully selected images and the use of talk radio commentary as a framing device, they construct a subtle, yet damning narrative about a religious movement that isolates its children from mainstream culture, indoctrinates them into right-wing causes, and uses them as political props. At Jesus Camp, the daily activities include standard camp fare such as spelunking and go-karts, but they also include speaking in tongues and smashing coffee mugs emblazoned with the word "government". Children learn that "science doesn't prove anything," and learn to consider themselves part of an Army of God. They are compelled to pledge that they will fight to end abortion. They are even pushed into publicly confessing their impure thoughts, and many of them cry and wail charismatically.
I wanna see this. Kind of related to the post wiki made about Armor of God

Google got off its lazy ass!

High resolution aerial images of the whole fucking Netherlands :) This is my happy day! I regained my love for Google!
* Clear your Google Earth cache for a better overview render of the new images!

Panorama Barcelona

Here is the panorama I made in Barcelona: 9637 x 1442 (2.2mb)
I used the free AutoStitch to stitch the separate images. AutoStitch is way better than Canon PhotoStitch for most pictures. cybrbeast edits: here is mine Thanks for that AutoStitch.

can I get a w'bush?

Some late night rounds of Call of Duty 2, Damn I really did suck. I mean, look at my score. Maybe you're all right, maybe I am in fact a noob. post slightly edited by douche

Friday, September 08, 2006

Iraq War Coalition Fatalities

Dog Dancing Show

I haven't posted in a while cause I was very busy with school. Now I break my period of silence, and give you; Dog Dancing! Yeah I know, it's lame :)

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Bankman Wiet Pot ging stapje te ver!

Dinsdag 29 augustus 2006 - Wiet Pot staat te boek als een van ’s lands meest succesvolle bankiers. Maar de bestuursvoorzitter van zakenbank Kempen & Co. meldde privé effectentransacties niet. Onder druk van de toezichthouders moet hij het veld ruimen.
lol, sorry for this childish humor... but what parents name their child Wiet when their surname is Pot? I think Mr. Wiggles is happy to know that he can still become rich with a stupid name.

The Ages...

Voor U

Wegens het onderwerp even een post in het nederlands...
De geweldige reclame campagne van GVU en Connexxion heet "voor U" en belooft geweldige dingen over het openbaar vervoer in Utrecht. In huize Cybrbeast, Rens en Annom hebben de bewoners helaas vaak last van het te vroeg komen van een bus die net vertrekt bij een keerstation. Als actieve en oplettende burger heb ik zowaar een klachtenmail gestuurd naar GVU over het probleem dat een simpele oplossing lijkt te hebben: vertrek niet te vroeg of pas de bustijden aan. Vandaag kreeg ik een reactie van de Coördinator afhandeling klantreacties van de GVU: "Onze excuses voor deze voorvallen, er wordt al een tijd gezocht naar een oplossing voor dit probleem. Op het moment kunnen we dit niet altijd voorkomen maar we zijn er bewust mee bezig. We hopen dat dit in de toekomst minder zal voorkomen." blablablabla.... "al een tijd gezocht" blabla "bewust mee bezig" blabla

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Ram vs. Soldier

when fighting a war, you get eighter bored or stupid...
Ram VS. Soldier - video powered by Metacafe

Dutch Politics gone beserk!

In Dutch football people often say we've got "15 million national coaches", meaning all Dutch people have their own idea of how to manage the national football team. In that context, after seeing this list of political parties, in particular some of the new ones, I can easily say that within the next decade or so we'll have more than 16 million prime ministers. The total number of parties that are running for the next election has increased immensely (from 45 to 74 individual parties) since the last one. Now don't get me wrong; I'm all in favour of freedom and democracy, but if you would take a closer look at some of the new parties on the list, Dutch politics all most looks like a bad joke. For example: "P.T.B. v/h Rokerspartij" - "Rokerspartij" means "Smokersparty" in english. "XyZyX 4U2" Pronounces as "Ksi-Ziks-For-You-Too", don't know what Ksi-Ziks means. "HUP-Holland" HUP-Holland is a dutch way to encourage the national football team, almost ironical when you look at the beginning of this post. Stem Niet In English: "Don't vote". Just have a look for yourself in the list, and pick one for the next election. And if that cabinet fails as well, you know what to do: start your own political party!

Einstein The Parrot

This Parrot may not be as clever as Albert, but in PET WORLD this parrot deserves its call name.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Another way to stop your wife from shopping

Belbin Team Inventory

For my project in Delft I had to make the belbin test. It is a test used to gain insights into an individual's personality type. You can do the test here in Dutch.
only 2 got my first picture so here is a easy one again. Now stop disapointing me guys! and ofc it was! many people got it good congratz on all! next one will be a little bit harder

Monday, September 04, 2006

'Crocodile Hunter' Steve Irwin has died

The wildlife presenter was filming a documentary off the coast of Australia today (04.08.06) when a stingray attacked him, using its poisonous barb to pierce his chest. According to reports, paramedics flew out to the Great Barrier Reef - the scene of the tragedy - to treat him but it was too late.

Thank God!

The Fetishism Book, Chapter 6: Emetophilia

Emetophilia is a sexual fetish in which an individual is aroused by vomiting or observing others vomit. When emetophiles put emetophilia into practice by actually vomiting, especially on a partner, it is called a Roman shower, after the supposed frequent induction of vomiting at Roman feasts.

For emetophiles, the sequence of "spasm, ejaculation, relief" in vomiting is erotically charged.

An online site theorizes, "vomiting was probably something either arousing or frightening to emetophiles at some point ... it aroused powerful emotions, and the emetophier called upon these emotions for the purpose of sexual gratification."

Sunday, September 03, 2006

A new quize !

Eyes say it all this quize is going to be easy. I show the eyes of somebody we all know, and you guys need to guess who it is. isn't that fun?! this time you guys mail me the answers and the one who got it first gets 3 points the seccond get 2 points and the 3the one get 1 point. And again we do 5 pictures. the first picture! (we start with a real easy one) (look in his bambi eyes) Indeed it was steve bucsemi! well done cyber, annom and rens!

Discovery Alternative: Frontline - The Tank Man

"The Tank Man," a look at the solitary protestor who confronted advancing tanks in Tiananmen Square in 1989. The indelible image came to be a symbol of the protestors and the government's attempts stifle them. In "The Tank Man," Frontline examines not only the identity and fate of the man in the picture, but how the freedoms he represented have progressed in China's social and political scene. Government restrictions on the Internet has renewed concern over freedom of speech and led to scrutiny of the role of companies like Yahoo!, Microsoft and Google.

Evangelist drowns trying to walk on water

An evangelist who tried replicating Jesus' miracle of walking on water has reportedly drowned off the western coast of Africa.

Pastor Franck Kabele, 35, told his congregation he could repeat the biblical miracle, and he attempted it from a beach in Gabon's capital of Libreville.

"He told churchgoers he'd had a revelation that if he had enough faith, he could walk on water like Jesus," an eyewitness told the Glasgow Daily Record.

"He took his congregation to the beach saying he would walk across the Komo estuary, which takes 20 minutes by boat. He walked into the water, which soon passed over his head and he never came back."

Friday, September 01, 2006

George Carlin quotes

Atheism is a non-prophet organization. If someone with multiple personalities threatens to kill himself, is it considered a hostage situation? Would a fly without wings be called a walk? Do infants enjoy infancy as much as adults enjoy adultery? Why is it called tourist season if we can't shoot at them?
click link for more..