Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Segregation Map US Cities

Red is White, Blue is Black, Green is Asian, and Orange is Hispanic, and each dot is 25 people. Data from Census 2000.

New York
San Fransisco, Oakland, Berkeley


cybrbeast said...

Wow, really segregated indeed.


annom said...

I assumed google would do that for me. Now they lost full-res. Blogger sucks.

cybrbeast said...

It's almost hard to believe almost no single dots of other ethnicities within those huge areas. I wonder how the map would look in the Netherlands with moslims and dutch. I'm guessing quite similar, though less extreme.

Where is the source, I looked on the site you linked, but couldn't find it. So many categories..

annom said...

Here are the full Flickr images.

Here is Chicago on that site.

Remember that one dot = 25 noses. Not sure what happens when there are less in a certain area and maybe some dots are behind other dots in high density areas.

I too find it hard to believe and want to see European cities. I am not sure whether this data is available for Holland.