Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rare Perspectives in Space

A view of the US Space Shuttle Atlantis and the Russian Space Station Mir during STS-71 as seen by the crew of Mir in Soyuz TM-21. They temporarily undocked the Soyuz spacecraft from the cluster of Mir elements to perform a brief fly-around.

The Apollo 11 lunar module, the Moon, and the Earth. A view of the Apollo 11 lunar module "Eagle" as it returned from the surface of the Moon to dock with the command module "Columbia".


cybrbeast said...

Never realized how big the Shuttle was compared to the Mir.

annom said...

Yes, it is American.

Here is a size comparison of the Space Shuttle and the Soyuz capsule, both used to bring crew to the ISS. The Shuttle can, of course, bring a much larger mass to the ISS.