Sunday, January 30, 2011

The difference between F1 and GT3

Race lap time:
F1 - 1:49
GT3 - 2:23
F1 make Gt3 looks like a girl sport


annom said...


F1 always looks sped up to me. Almost impossible a human can make no-crash decision at those speeds.

cybrbeast said...

Impressive, would have been nice if the images were correctly overlaid though.

Much respect for the F1 drivers, though I prefer the Rally drivers. Brake failure at 190kph.

annom said...

But rally cars don't disintegrate as nicely ;)

cybrbeast said...

Impressive, and he survived too.

But F1 cars don't involve spectators as much ;)

annom said...

Senna was the last who died in a F1 in 1994. They made it damn safe after that (2 died during the same weekend).

I've experienced a pro rally in Italy once, crazy shit, especially the folks on the outside of corners.

Wheels flying off probably is the largest danger to F1 spectators.

Probably the largest accident was during Le Mans in 1955 when a car flew into the crowd, killing 86.

annom said...

* 83 spectators and one driver where killed.

cybrbeast said...

That tire is funny, Le Mans accident is some nasty shit though.