Wednesday, June 29, 2011

TED: Google's driverless car

It seems to already work nearly perfectly. The sooner this gets used, the better.


Nevada OK's Google self-driving robotic cars
The future may be approaching sooner than expected with Nevada passing a bill that would allow the state's DOP, Department of Transportation, to setup rules and safety standards for automated self-driving cars. The government decision could be a proactive step towards increasing state income, reducing traffic, and trailblazing the introduction of self-driving vehicles in the U.S.


annom said...

Jeez, this is improving quickly! I followed those Darpa grand challenges with interest, but never expected to see something like this in 2011.

Those visualizations of how it creates and interprets the world show how advanced this is. Truly impressive and very exciting. Can't take too long before this is safer than humans. It probably already is in most situations. Let's hope people will allow computers to take over.

Hermine Lindsie said...

Something really good might come out of this. If it gets improved to the point of perfection, imagine roads with cars that have very little to no risks of accident. Well, it might be a long time before that may happen, but it's certainly a fascinating thought.