Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Mortal Kombat returns to form

You all probably remember the awesome ultra-violence of Mortal Kombat. I hadn't yet seen some of the fatality footage of the newest Mortal Kombat. And wow, this shit is pretty gruesome.

Maybe too gruesome? :)

If you're feeling like more gore, you can see them all here.


dekus said...

I really don't understand the entertainment value of gore. Not being judgemental, just can't even remotely relate...

cybrbeast said...

I enjoy gore to a reasonable degree. It just seems more realistic in games if you are shooting or slicing enemies for blood to come out. It also feels like you're making an impact on your enemy.
This is just way over the top though.

Do you also think gore should have no place in movies? I can think of many action/horror movies that would suck without gore.

dekus said...

I'm talking about entertainment of gore itself without context or (other) function, just people/animals being ripped apart for viewing pleasure. Again, not being judgemental here if you enjoy it please do continue!

All I'm saying is that I cannot imagine experiencing that viewing pleasure. That's also why I don't like horror movies. When gore is used in a war movie or game for the sake of realism you won't hear me complaining, but neither will you hear me enjoying myself.

I'm not really into clownsex either. But I think I can, to some degree, imagine why other people are. Same goes for poop-sex, although that one I admit is a tad more difficult. Gore however I just can't imagine how it can be entertaining.