Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Epic VR setup

Amazing omnidirectional treadmill which allows you to walk and it uses paintball guns FFS! :)

UPDATE: The full video has been posted:

The hosts are kind of annoying but the setup is very impressive, though I see room for improvement. I'd try to make that gun more realistic by removing the onscreen gun because you're already carrying a gun, and also removing the small screen on the gun. Use the Kinect to see when you're looking through the scope and then change the view on the projected screen accordingly. Also I'd put the paintball gun stands outside the tent with small holes to shoot through. Maybe placing fans and heaters/coolers to simulate wind and temperature. Then you'd really feel the heat when you step outside into the sun.

How much would you pay if these systems became available in an arcade? I think I would pay around €10 per half hour, I doubt you can play much longer because you'd get tired.

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