Thursday, July 23, 2015

Blender to WebGL

I just found out about Blend4Web, a great addon for Blender that lets you convert Blender scenes to embeddable WebGL relatively easy. Here is demo of a simple model I made for a previous project. You can rotate, pan, and zoom with mouse controls around the interactive model below:

Here is a more impressive example from a somewhat more complex project I did, big file (24MB)

As you can see from the online demos it's capable of much more impressive scenes and even interactive apps.


annom said...

Great! Looks awesome and fully cross platform! Love WebGL. Also very smooth on Linux (as compared to Flash on Linux which sucks due to Adobe).

$1000 for a commercial license is not too bad.

Wonder how easy it is to add to these 3D worlds. Like making it interactive.

You should use this for your projects.

cybrbeast said...

It's open source and possible to add interactivity. This demo allows you to walk and drive around:

annom said...

Looks like mature software and applications. And a quality open source project that is commercially viable. Great stuff!

dekus said...

Good god this is sexy. That said I'm a bit worried about my choice of words just now.