Friday, August 08, 2008

Discontinued Olympic sports

Today the Olympic games of 2008 opend in Bejing here are some stats of the games: Sports: 28 Sport sections: 302 Gold medals: 302 Sportsman: 10.708 Locations in Beijing: 31 Locations out of Beijing: 6 volunteers: 70.000 Some olympic sports didn't last long . Click here for a link to a list of some weird discontinued sports of the Olympic games. My favorites are: Duelling pistol (1906): Shooters fired at mannequins wearing frock coats and bull's-eyes on their chests. Live pigeon shooting (1900): The birds were released and shooters tried to kill as many as possible. Underwater swimming (1900): Swimmers were awarded points for how far they went and how long they stayed under water. Solo synchronized swimming (1984-92): Swimmers were awarded points based on routines synchronized to music.


pimp-a-lot bear said...

wow, the pigeon shooting turned out pretty messy! 300 birds killed!

Annom said...

Live pigeon shooting :)