Friday, August 29, 2008


Media: Series (BBC) Name: Spooks IMDb / review: IMDb Torrent: Torrentz *

Why bother: A BBC series about a team of agents in MI:5. Now normally the simple thought of a spy series would make me want to gauche my eyeballs out because the makers simply can't know what really goes on in such a place. Therefore most of these series and films end up being completely unrealistic/James Bond like, where spies get smashed, tortured, drowned using futuristic vehicles but after redoing his tie all is well and has sex with a 24 year old, incredibly hot, nuclear physicist who also excels in multiple foreign languages. Spooks on the other hand does look quite realistic, although I can't know because I'm not, and have never spoken with, a spy. But it has this "Midsummer murders" with a "Touch of Frost" vibe which makes it, well actually quite good. One episode covers one story (operation). The stories are diverse; it's not all Islamic terror bladibla. Although the personal issues of the characters do flow through several episodes, because it's not a Hollywood production it isn't annoyingly juicy/soapy or something. Now be advised, do not confuse this with Spooks - Code 9, this is an lame spin-off in which the makers were trying to attract a younger crowd. So here the 24 year old, incredibly hot, nuclear physicist comes along again... At this moment I'm working my way trough Season 2, so far so good. Don't know how the series develops during coming seasons, but at request I can keep you updated. Rating: ★★★★ - Warm and fussy feeling inside * Torrents for complete seasons are available but have a disappointing quality (still fine to whatch), so If you only want high res I think you'll need to download episodes separately.

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cybrbeast said...

My brother is a fan of this.
I've seen the first two episodes but wasn't too impressed. I might give it another go though.