Sunday, August 24, 2008

RBB - Media Tips

I've been walking around with this idea fore some time now, and due to complete and utter boredom today I finally started it. A new addition to the blog: The RBB Media Tips. The idea is that when you come across a new film, TV series or music artist you can post it according to a small template so that the rest of us can enjoy it to. Add a tag "RBB Media Tips" and that way we create a list of things that are fun to watch/listen. Here is my idea of a template:
Media: "music, TV series, film etc" Name: "pretty fuckin obvious, but do post album names and artists etc. like: Coldplay - Viva La Vida" IMDb / review: "a source of other commentary on the subject" Torrent: "please make sure it works and has a proper quality"
Why bother: "WITHOUT SPOILERS!!!! elaborate why we should even bother downloading it..." Rating: "Pick one of the following:" ★ - Nearly entertaining ★★ - Makes times pass ★★★ - Slight sensation of entertainment ★★★★ - Warm and fussy feeling inside ★★★★★ - Chuck Norris would download it edit: Recommendation changed to rating and "I lit up a cigarette" changed to "warm and fussy feeling inside".


pimp-a-lot bear said...

Good idea, however I do disagree on some issues:

Why do we need 5 categories? I don't see there will ever be a post in the first category as it wouldn't be worth posting. Same goes for the second category.

The caption for the four-star category doesn't mean anything to a non-smoker. And what I know of you Dekus, you'll lit a cigarette even when you're bored.

The stars used won't work on my desktopFF, also they don't work in IE. I suggest we use a character every machine understands or a picture.

anyway, I still like the idea of exchanging media tips!

dekus said...

The five categories (although indeed not all appear positive) are intended positive. It's just to indicate whether something is good for a rainy Sunday afternoon or something you actually plan to watch.

I ran out of inspiration at the forth, indeed a bit lame.

If you have a good alternative to the stars I'm all for it, this one comes out of an mac-os thingy.

pimp-a-lot bear said...

I understand the need to indicate the quality of a tip, but I think we can fulfill that same need with only three categories.
3 positive categories I meant.

When this hasn't convinced you, please explain to me why we need 5 instead of 3 categories

dekus said...

To be honest, I just think five stars are really impressive and pretty ^^

There is no real reason why I made five ratings. But thinking of it I guess that the shit that will be posted here might vary that big (also in entertainment value) that you would need a 5-star scale.

Anyway, let's put it to a vote...

Annom said...

I see your points. I don't think we will ever use the 1 or 2 stars, but that doesn't mean we can't have them!

I like this idea!
Recommendation should be rating imo.

dekus said...

Made some modifications at people's request, see the post. But I still don't have a substitute for the little stars, suggestions?