Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Winds That Shakes The Barley

Media: Film Name: The Winds That Shakes The Barley IMDb / review: IMDb Torrent: Mininova *
Why bother: Film about 20th century (1920 to be exact) Ireland and the people's struggle against Britain's occupation of the land. Beautiful cinema and good acting. For me personally an eyeopener on the subject, maybe a tad subjective towards the Irish Republicans. But the storyline does contain a love sidetrack which can easily be filtered out without losing the main story. Subtitles are recommended due to the fact that this is an Irish movie. Rating: ★★★★ - Warm and fussy feeling inside * I watched this movie some time ago so I don't really know what torrent I used, but I think this one is oke.


Annom said...

I watched it yesterday! Good movie! I only found subtitles for the first part. What happened in the second? ;)

cybrbeast said...

I saw this a long time ago, it was a pretty jarring movie. I liked it.