Thursday, August 16, 2007

Psychoactive Drug Alphabet

I made a Psychoactive Drug Alphabet last night. Every letter stands for a specific drug, or a drug brand name where I couldn't find a better alternative. You can click the letters to go to an information page about the drug.

You can test your drug knowledge by pressing F11(no status bar cheating) and guess the drug that belongs to the letter.

Click image to go to the high resolution Psychoactive Drug Alphabet page!


ExpendableAsset said...

Nice! The next step would be on-the-fly information with an AJAX mouse-over. But I suppose that's a tad too sophisticated.

annom said...

Yes, that was also my idea. But since I'm a n00b in all website related coding, dreamweaver and graphic design, I kept it simple.

It also has no purpose at all, was just fun to make :)

Let me see if dreamweaver can make multiple mouse-overs in one image.