Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Google Street View stopped by police

Google Street View has added a lot of new cities in the Netherlands. But it wasn't all easy. Above you can see the street view car being pulled over by the police. You can follow the police car back for quite some distance. Apparently they weren't let go easily because the next pictures of the street were clearly taken at a different time.


annom said...

:) He did something wrong at the roundabout, but he somehow refused to stop. The stop politie sign was on for quite some time.

cybrbeast said...

Then what did he do wrong at the roundabout? It could just be that the police were curious about the legality of such a strange structure on top of a car.

My guess is that the driver didn't see the sign for a while, or that he was looking for a good place to stop.

annom said...

I don't know. They turned the stop police sign on after the roundabout. Can also be curious police. I hope he did not stop just the have these images in street view.