Monday, November 09, 2009

scientists = arrogant gods of certainty

An opinion article in the Daily Mail regarding the sacking of Professor Nutt.


cybrbeast said...

What a terrible opinion piece. Sure, the Home Office can disagree with their scientific adviser. But then they must either bring arguments to why his science is wrong, or just say they are moralists and all drugs are bad m'kay. Either way, they could have just ignored his advice without firing him.

Also he reminds us that scientists have been wrong a lot of times, which is true. But what would you rather have, policy governed by rational arguments and scientific evidence or what? Policy governed by gut feeling or moralism...
At least science tries to learn from its mistakes and is willing to incorporate new findings, facts and evidence.

Then the idiot of the article drags in the nazis as a comparison, wtf? Terrible arguments.

annom said...

What a piece of shit arguments against scientists. You can argue how science functions, but this is just a piece of shit. His nazi comparison is terrible and his views on drugs are completely distorted. This guy lives in the world of illogic.

I only wish scientists had as much power as this columnist suggests.

Kamiel said...

Nazi comparisons are most of the time a sign of weakness, except when i use them when being drunk.