Friday, November 19, 2010

Rainbowboys label stats

I made some stats of the labels used in our blog.

We have 63 labels in total. Only 4 of them are linked to sex, namely: sex, porn, bizarre and weird shit.
Hitler is tagged more than history
Hitler is #41 on the highest labeling rate with 23 posts. Ahead of: sex, economics, cars, cult, global warming and way more labels
Cybrbeast posted at least once in every label
Cybrbesast posted in almost all labels the most, except for war, statistics, pseudosience, map, Holocaust, hitler, firefox, dutch, drugs, cult, zombie, weird shit, the fetishism book, rbb-mediatips, and cartoon. Annom and the pimp got the honor in these labels.
Software is the only label where only 2 people posted in (cybr and annom)
Only in 5 labels (Humor, Bizare, Stupid, Dutch and relgion) all of us made at least one post.

Cybrbeast, Dekus and the Pimp posted the most in Humor with 141, 64 and 45 posts respectively.
Annom posted the most in photography with 57 posts
Douche posted the most in what "he named" art
Kamielkaze posted the most in architecture
Tommy posted the most in religion and art


pimp-a-lot bear said...

according to the graph, dekus didn't post at all. Maybe there is a little error in the graph?

Kamiel said...

woepsie, you where he slipped trough the selecting proces.

annom said...

Pure awesomeness! Great job!

Was it a lot of work to get the data?

cybrbeast said...

Great work kamiel! I saw the stats and assumed Annom did it :) we really need the post avatars back.

And uhm.., I WIN!! :)

cybrbeast said...

Also as far as I can see Tommy doesn't have a single post in art, quite a few in music though.

Kamiel said...

you are right. Tommy posted the most in music and humor i think i brainfarted there.

De data verzamelen was op zichzelf wel makkelijk in berichten bewerken, heb ik de berichten per pagina op 300 gezet en dan op iedere rainbowboy zijn naam gezocht per tag.
Het gebruikte excel documentje heb ik nu met jullie gedeeld