Saturday, November 27, 2010

Updated Random Image

I updated the image harvester script. It automatically grabs all images on our blog, gets the high resolution version, deletes corrupt images (dead links) and creates thumbnails.


cybrbeast said...

Cool, is that grid really all the pictures that have appeared on the blog? Bigger version? :)

annom said...

Updated link to largest version I have.

The grid shows almost all (1160) the pictures my script retrieves from from our blog. I am not sure if that is actually all pictures on our blog (not sure if my script works correctly).

Also, Google does not allow (easy) access to the linked (larger) images. That takes some more serious scripting. So the random images link to the size they were shown on the blog (400-500px).

I could improve the script, maybe in the future.

cybrbeast said...

Great collage

cybrbeast said...

Great scripting work. While you're at it, can you also make the images link to their respective posts? :P

annom said...

Future feature... :)

That's not so easy. A link to the monthly archive that features the post is easier, but not as cool.