Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Temperature Measurements

I hooked up some photoresistors to a micro controller a few weeks ago.
Now it is time for temperature. Again, fully automated. Updates every minute and this page auto-refreshes.

For googlers:
Arduino board with 3x LM335z temperature sensor. Connect LM335z pins as shown here. Connect them according to this circuit diagram. Third pin is not used, can be used for absolute calibration.


pimp-a-lot bear said...

cool! Any idea why the inside sensors show spikes?

annom said...

The large spikes in my room occur when I open my window. The sensor is 2 m away from the window, but air temperatures drop fast. When I close the window, without heater on, the temperature rises quickly back, there is a lot of heat in the solid matter in my room and from the surrounding room.

I just opened my window for a minute at 20:50, you will see that.

Opening my door to the hallway also creates a small dip if there is a temp difference. It reacts rather fast.

The spikes in the green slope, just outside my room, are probably from the front door being open for a while, maybe the carpenter arrived and left with gear.

Absolute accuracy is pretty crude because I don't have an accurate thermometer to calibrate. Relative values should be good.

annom said...

And the bumps in the green line show the CV turning on/off.

dekus said...

Don't get me wrong, I love this stuff. Very cool!
But whenever we talk about our lack of succes with the girls I will be using this post as an explanation.

annom said...

Who cares about girls anyway?

pimp-a-lot bear said...

Yeah, who cares about girls if you can have stuff like this?

cybrbeast said...

Great work. Do you have a spare sensor for special closet in the hallway? :)

annom said...

No. Stupid me thought 3 is more than enough.

I can move them all in a while.

I should also add my body temperature :)

cybrbeast said...

Anal probe? :)