Saturday, September 09, 2006

AutoStitch: 4MP -> 22MP and wide-angle lens

After using AutoStitch for the Barcelona panorama, I was amazed by it's algorithm and tried to test how good it is. I made 14 pics and let the AutoStitch algorithm do its thing. I used panorama mode for constant exposure time etc. No need to select the order of the pictures or anything else. The result is a 22 MegaPixel image of a very large surface; similar to the effect of an expensive wide-angle lens and a high mega-pixel camera. This is of course not as good, but not bad at all for a simple 4MP camera with a normal lens. It takes a some time and a lot of CPU and RAM and it's only possible with static sceneries, but worth the shot if you are on top of a mountain, in Park Guell, in front of the Grand Canyon or face to face with the Kamikaze in Waterworld.
Station-Zuilen test image - 7100 x 3100 (2.9MB)
The only clear errors are in the van on the left and the streetlight at the right. And this actually are 14 photos. The extra mega pixels are great if you want to make a poster and the wide angel effect is great for large overview/panorama photos. The difference with a normal panorama is that this is a 2D panorama; you can move your focus in the x and y direction.


cybrbeast said...

Good work, looks great.
Next I want to see a gigapixel photo :)

ExpendableAsset said...

Awesome -- good stuff.