Saturday, September 16, 2006

Tomato: Fruit or vegetable?

The U.S. Supreme Court settled this controversy in 1893, declaring that the tomato is a vegetable, using the popular definition which classifies vegetable by use, that they are generally served with dinner and not dessert. The case is known as Nix v. Hedden (149 U.S. 304). While the Tomato can be classified as a fruit, it is officially categorized as a definite vegetable in the United States.

The USDA also considers the tomato a vegetable.

The term "vegetable" has no botanical meaning and is purely a culinary term.


Rens said...

no this is not true

wiki said...

always funny to see that people spend time on a term. and this time its not even a real term just a culinary term lol.

that picture is nice, lets go there on vacation next year!

cybrbeast said...

Great picture!