Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Dutch Politics gone beserk!

In Dutch football people often say we've got "15 million national coaches", meaning all Dutch people have their own idea of how to manage the national football team. In that context, after seeing this list of political parties, in particular some of the new ones, I can easily say that within the next decade or so we'll have more than 16 million prime ministers. The total number of parties that are running for the next election has increased immensely (from 45 to 74 individual parties) since the last one. Now don't get me wrong; I'm all in favour of freedom and democracy, but if you would take a closer look at some of the new parties on the list, Dutch politics all most looks like a bad joke. For example: "P.T.B. v/h Rokerspartij" - "Rokerspartij" means "Smokersparty" in english. "XyZyX 4U2" Pronounces as "Ksi-Ziks-For-You-Too", don't know what Ksi-Ziks means. "HUP-Holland" HUP-Holland is a dutch way to encourage the national football team, almost ironical when you look at the beginning of this post. Stem Niet In English: "Don't vote". Just have a look for yourself in the list, and pick one for the next election. And if that cabinet fails as well, you know what to do: start your own political party!


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Annom said...

It's fucking easy to start a new political party in Holland:

- richt een vereniging op
- kvk nummertje trekken
- 450 euro borg betalen
- formuliertje invullen

Registratie politieke groeperingen (hoe en wat)

Registratie Formulier

DekuS said...

I read the same sites earlier, could believe what it said. That's why I posted this little article..

wiki said...

is het niet goed dat het zo makkelijk is om een partij te starten?