Monday, September 04, 2006

'Crocodile Hunter' Steve Irwin has died

The wildlife presenter was filming a documentary off the coast of Australia today (04.08.06) when a stingray attacked him, using its poisonous barb to pierce his chest. According to reports, paramedics flew out to the Great Barrier Reef - the scene of the tragedy - to treat him but it was too late.

Thank God!


cybrbeast said...

this saddens me. I sometimes enjoyed his show and crazy antics. He was very enthusiastic and a great target for satire.
He leaves beind a wife and two kids :(

annom said...

Cry me a river you melodramatic sentimental gayhead!


annom said...

He doesn't care about his son.

Kamiel said...

hehe i'm realy sorry but i couldn't stop laughing when i saw it :).
Steve always pretended that he knowed exactly what was going on but he taked the risk. it was going to happen sooner later and everybody knowed it.
wtfpownd by a fish!
the first that can send the video will get a coockie.

btw his wife still don't know that he is dead because she is in tha jungle in tazamania or somewhere :P
lol this news realy maked my day

Douchebag said...


ExpendableAsset said...

Wiki, your post made MY day.