Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Billy jean a capella

they seem like ivy-league kids, but appearently they're not


cybrbeast said...

Damn, after all that constant blog surfing you do, I would've thought you'd come up with something better than a gay a capella group.

Douchebag said...

excuse me for having a different taste in what's blogworthy and what isn't

annom said...

hahahahahaha, you guys are funny.

I like these gay guys! Mjammie!

Kamiel said...

Rens defintly got a skill to find people that can do things i'm totaly not intrestting in.

My sweaty balls are more blockworthy then this shit.

and like you defend an older shit post with: I'd like to see you try.

there are milljon things i can't do but does that mean i need to listen/ respect to people who can do that things?