Thursday, March 22, 2007

Arbre du Ténéré

"L'Arbre du Ténéré, known in English as the Tree of Ténéré, was a solitary acacia, that was once considered the most isolated tree on Earth — the only one within more than 400 km.
(.........) The tree was knocked down by an allegedly drunk Libyan truck driver in 1973. On 8 November 1973 the dead tree was relocated to the Niger National Museum in the capital Niamey."
"The baobab , or monkey bread tree are a genus of eight species of trees, native to Madagascar (the centre of diversity, with six species), and mainland Africa and Australia (one species in each). The mainland African species also occurs in Madagascar, but it is not a native of that country. The species reach heights of between 5–25 m (exceptionally 30 m) tall, and up to 7 m (exceptionally 11 m) in trunk diameter. They are noted for storing water inside the swollen trunk, with the capacity to store up to 120,000 litres of water to endure the harsh drought conditions particular to each region." More Magnificent Trees!


dekus said...

your telling me that this drunk guy had about 400 km op space to avoid this tree, but didn't?

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cybrbeast said...

Awesome post, also the page it links to.
I really like those Circus Trees.