Monday, March 12, 2007

Sunny Bitch

I found the Forum Apartment in Google Earth!It looks like a decent location. 1km from the old city of Nessebar, 3km from the Sunny Beach centre and the coastline at 500m.

I also added some Clubs and Bars I found on this website into Google Earth. Here is the kmz file. There seems to be a KARAOKE BAR!!!


pimp-a-lot bear said...


Your kmz looks fucked up again. There are some nightclubs in the south which are located in the black sea.

I'm not dissapointed with our location, I was expecting worse.

annom said...

LOL, my KMZ isn't fucked up. I just couldn't find the exact locations so I just put them in the black sea :)

cybrbeast said...

Good work. How did you find it?

annom said...


cybrbeast said...

Nice map. I hope they have an arcade.

Kamiel said...

got a good feeling about this!
i hope they don't got sharks