Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Добър ден!

After some googling on our holiday, I found some interesting pages I wanted to share with you: Wikitravel: A nice summary about the country we're gonna visit. The Bulgarian language on wikibooks looks quite difficult, since they're using their Cyrillic alphabet. Shows a lot of useful phrases:

Expressions for showing affection

  • Обичаш ли ме? (Obíchash li me?) - Do you love me?
  • Обичам те! (Obícham te!) - I love you!
  • Харесваш ли ме? (Harésvash li me?) - Do you like me?
  • Харесвам те (Harésvam te) - I like you
  • Много си хубав/хубава ( Mnógosi húbaf/húbava) ) - You're very pretty (ending in "a" is said to females)
To be continued...


cybrbeast said...

Good work, I'll start to brush up on my Bulgarian then.

dekus said...

please translate:

"I would like to skull-fuck your mother."


annom said...


"буквата спомагателен подобен nред череп полови сношения твой майка"

I have a bulgarian translator :)

annom said...

My translator did even translate the title of this post correct: good morning!