Friday, March 09, 2007

Logging Submerged Forests

Wired has an interesting story about underwater logging. This isn't about harvesting kelp forests but real wood forests that have been flooded after (hydroelectric) dams have been built, or geologic events.
By some estimates, there is $50 billion worth of marketable timber at the bottom of these man-made lakes. I guess a lot more timber must be available after the Three Gorges reservoir in China fills.

Also this timber is very eco-friendly because the forests have died. Logging these forests also prevents their decay in the future which would release large quantities of methane (greenhouse) gas. Though most of the forests are very well preserved because the lakes are generally low on oxygen levels.


annom said...

$50 billion! WOW!

I think I once saw something about this on Discovery.

Super cool idea to log a underwater forrest! When do they start to fish in trees?

Kamiel said...

very smart idea