Monday, March 05, 2007

Free Wallpaper Download!

I've uploaded my latest wallpaper in a variety of flavours. It's plain, simple - some would call it minimalistic - and it sure as heck r0x0rs y0ur b0x0rs!
Click this image for the real deal!
Also available in Fluor Green, Easy Blue and Fiery Orange.


cybrbeast said...

OMG, what made you think I would want a background with your nickname on it???
Also promoting your own work like it pwns is quite pathetic... sigh..
I see you also tried to disable comments to prevent flaming. This being a communal blog I took the liberty to open the comments again.

People: if you want good free high resolution wallpaper go here:

btw, Jesse (from high school also has a gallery on that page

annom said...

Where is the pink one?

ExpendableAsset said...

cybrbeast said...

Since when is purple pink?

ExpendableAsset said...

It isn't.