Friday, March 23, 2007

Tobacco and alcohol are more dangerous than LSD'

March 22, 2007 -

Alcohol and tobacco are more harmful than many illegal drugs including the hallucinogen LSD and the dance drug ecstasy, according to a new scale for assessing the dangers posed by recreational substances.

Drug specialists say the current system for ranking drugs - class A for the most dangerous to class C for the least dangerous, as set out in the Misuse of Drugs Act - is irrational, arbitrary and "lacking in transparency".

Scientific evidence shows that heroin and cocaine are correctly ranked as class A drugs as they do cause the most harm. But LSD and ecstasy come close to bottom of the league in terms of harm caused, yet they are also labelled as class A.

Alcohol is legal and widely used but comes fifth in the "harm" table, ahead of amphetamines and cannabis, which are ranked as class B and class C respectively. Tobacco is also ranked as more harmful than cannabis. More...


pimp-a-lot bear said...

In the Uk they classify all drugs.
How is this done in the Netherlands?
hard & soft?

cybrbeast said...

Yes. Hard (lijst 1) and soft (lijst 2)

Jan-Willem Bats said...


Ik heb je op Stumbleupon geadd als friend.

Als je mij ook add stuur ik je stumbles naar m'n nieuwste posts.

Jan-Willem (

cybrbeast said...

Wat is je Stumbleupon naam?


agree. Thank god I gave up smoking 15 years back

annom said...

Looks like we need some GHB and MDMA!