Sunday, December 16, 2007


This is an idea of a wifi connection around the world. You can open your wireless modem/router so other people can connect with your modem. If you do do this you can join other fon connections for free. Otherwise it cost you 3 euro a day. This way they wanna give a world cover of wifi Internet. They already got some big investers like skype and google, and 100.000 connection points world wide (mostly USA and spain). The netherlands is a bid behind but we got already 1.700 members still prety good for a small country. On google maps/ earth or the fon mapssite you can find the connection points in the Netherlands/Utrecht or around the world.


annom said...

Good idea!! but personal wifi connections have a short range and are not reliable at the moment.

I see more in the idea of large scale wifi antennas (like mobile phones) that cover a large area. I don't know the technical details, but I think this is possible. Then you can also use it while traveling in bus/car/bike/etc.

Our wireless connection is open for anyone, you have access to tons of illegal movies and music when you stand in front of our house with a laptop :)

I call this Fon^2....

cybrbeast said...

annom, do you mean our shared network drives are open? Or that we only allow internet traffic? Is it limited?

annom said...

It's open... in the sense of no security.

If you share your network drives with everyone on the network then everyone on the network can see them. Nothing is limited.

My wireless card crashes when using a WEP key (I don't know why?). We can use MAC filter though... but I need douches laptop to be turned on to see his MAC address.

I can do that in the short future.