Friday, December 14, 2007

Users are losers!

I just found a sixteen page public school handout to California Middle and High School students in 1970 on drug use. If you ever plan to use drugs, make sure to read this handout :D.


annom said...

Look at that cartoony guy going crazy! He doesn't look happy in a single pic. Where is alcohol?

That whole "users are losers" is so stupid and made of nonsense^2.

dekus said...

Logical question emerging after seeing this:

Why, if people only feel horrible using drugs, are they using drugs?

Why can't people just think for themselves, and reason rationally/logically?

dekus said...

What's up with the bogus Blogger logo in front of our names? It's slapping me in the face like *slap-slap-slap*.

Gimme rainbows!

cybrbeast said...

I actually have to say I thought it was quite informative especially for an American pamphlet, that is until it came to the hallucinogens and marijuana. Look above in the table, it says: effects-abused and (too much - too often).

Kamiel said...

nice information, they make drugs look equally bad. So when a kid wanna play a rebel and experience with some drugs he will take the heroine instead of the marijuana because it doesn't matter according this picture. Way to go America!