Sunday, December 09, 2007

Moviez and TV showz on Demand

Stage6 is kind of like YouTube, but with DivX quality and unlimited length video clips. This has led to a lot of reasonably high quality DivX movies, TV shows and documentaries being uploaded to the site. The site streams the movies on demand which makes it pretty handy if you just feel like watching a movie or show without downloading or turning on the crappy TV with commercials. You can try searching for yourself but I recommend using a site which tracks them like Joox, Nabolister or this forum. You also need DivX web player. Watch a few episodes of Weeds for example. Or start watching Farscape, awesome sci-fi!

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annom said...

That's great! I was bother by the shitty quality of youtube in fucking modern 2007. I hope they make such a upgrade soon.