Thursday, May 08, 2008


In Istanbul, I set food in the first Mosques of my life. I had seen them before in Egypt, but was not allowed inside. In the large touristy ones in Istanbul, woman don't have to wear a scarf inside. I was pleasantly surprised by their space inside. I like the design with the domes, one large open space inside and a thick carpet on the ground. The ones I saw didn't have as much detail as catholic churches, but they build one of largest mosques in Istanbul in 8 years. As a worshipper, I would prefer the design of the large mosques in Istanbul over the large cathedrals I have seen in Europe. I, however, don't understand why they fill the large open space under the domes with hundreds of cables to support hanging lights.


dekus said...

I remember the mosques, indeed very impressive structures. Did you here the singing man's phone ring?
And did you smell the delicious odor of every ones feet?

Although in the bigger mosques not warring a scarf is tolerated it is appreciated if you do.

cybrbeast said...

Very pretty.
But did you really "set food in the first Mosques of" your life? :)

annom said...

lol :)