Tuesday, May 13, 2008

pimped trafficlight of the future

This pimped traffic light uses a plasma laser that is creating a virtual screen. This virtual screen is as wide as the road so its simply impossible to miss the red sign. This projection also can be use to project some commersials on.

This invention is made by lee han young

When i was searching for more information about this traffic light, i also found some information about a new dutch traffic light. This traffic light gives automatically green light for bicycles when it raining to hard. see here for some more information


cybrbeast said...

I call bullshit. Nowhere in the article does it stat how this system would work. I don't see how it could work, lasers aren't visible in clean air and certainly can't project images in midair.
It just some guys' concept.

Kamiel said...

yeah you are probably right, and this is some starwars bullshit.
I can remember that i saw something on the Internet about using compressed air to display a hologram on. Maybe that is what this guy had in mind