Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Odin IQ test - part 2

Here the second, and final, part of the Odin IQ test. This is the BBC test that I used. Here is part 1. The first test is to see if the cat walks around objects, walks away from the food, to get food that it can see very close, but can't reach. The second test is to see if the Odin will use a rope to get the food. I don't think Odin really was intended to use the rope, but she did (half points). I also hid the food on the rope under a pillow, not part of the test, Odin failed, but found other food :) For the last test I had to hide some food, while Odin was watching, then remove Odin from the room, get her back and see what happens. Odin didn't like that I put her outside and when she came inside she didn't go for the food but left the room.
Odin's IQ: 18

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Kamiel said...

Smart kitty!