Friday, May 22, 2009

Live Oystercatcher Webcam

Press play |> on the player (needs windows media player) The Oystercatcher is one out of very few shorebirds that actually feed their young. This is also a condition for successful breeding on roofs up to 30 meters above the ground. In Bergen the adults feed in the parks near the building where they breed, and bring the food for their young. It seems that they mainly deliver Earth-worms Lumbricidae sp. to the chicks. The chicks stay on the roof until they are more or less able to fly.


annom said...

Nice, een scholekster in Dutch, common at the wadden. I'm such a pro birdwatcher! :)

cybrbeast said...

Did you notice one of the eggs has hatched today!

cybrbeast said...

Disaster, they appear to have gone.
Cat maybe?