Thursday, May 14, 2009

Top 10 Illusions of 2009

The three pink- and blue-colored parallelograms are the same. All blue lines are equal in length; all pink lines are also equal. Box B is simply Box C rotated counterclockwise. But the three parallelograms look different, and boxes B and C look different. Our visual system assumes that the diagonals in A and C are foreshortened and “stretches” them perceptually. The pink lines in B should be foreshortened and stretched, just as they are in C. But our visual system doesn’t stretch a horizontal quite as much as it stretches a diagonal.
Most of the illusions (including the number 1) are animated on the site. Also check out the finalists of previous years in the menu on the left.

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Kamiel said...

nice site,
I like the illusion of sex aswel. Wonder why lesser contrast makes appear more masculine