Friday, May 08, 2009

the master of sound imitating: the Lyrebird

This little bird can't make his own songs, so he superbly immitates the sounds (natural and artificial) he hears around him and mixes it to a song. The song of every Lyrebird is unique, and used to entertain the ladies. He probably gets more success with his mixsongs, than me with my dancing skilzz
Also a story I found on the internet (of course not confirmed) is that this Lyrebird delayed the woodcutters work because he kept imitating the sounds of the fire alarm.


annom said...

Brilliant birdy! A classic for all Attenborough freaks.

cybrbeast said...

I'd rather have one of these than a parrot. I wonder if any zoos in the Netherlands have them.

Kamiel said...

I couldn't find a zoo in the Netherlands that have this little fallow. They are rare, and are on the red lists of animals that are about to expire