Thursday, December 24, 2009

How the BBC makes those awesome timelapses

This is from the BBC Life Series: "Plants" which you can watch here.
In a studio! I always wondered about this. Actually I think that's kind of cheating. But I guess that it's impossible to do under natural conditions.


annom said...

Cheats! Green screen again. Still impressive how much effort they put into this.

annom said...

I would enjoy this work btw. Play with robotics, cameras, plants, computers and traveling around the world.

Also, I think the final result is not that great for all the work. The real thing would have much more changing details like moss etc. Why not transfer everything indoors if you put in all this effort anyway.

cybrbeast said...

I thought the full shot was quite impressive, but you don't see all in that clip. In the full episode you do see it.
It's not green screen, but blue screen for obvious reasons ;)

annom said...

haha, yeah, blue. I do find the shot very impressive, but lacks some details.